1 KW Solar System Price June 2024

In Pakistan, electricity has become increasingly expensive, posing challenges for ordinary consumers when it comes to paying their electricity bills. The prices of solar panels have seen a significant decrease in Pakistan, prompting many homeowners to consider switching to solar power systems for their energy needs.

1 KW Solar System Price in Pakistan

For an average-sized home, a 1-kilowatt solar system seems to be gaining popularity. This system not only provides a sustainable energy solution but also proves to be cost-effective in the long run. Let’s break down what such a system typically includes and its approximate price in Pakistan.

1 KW Solar System Price in Pakistan

ComponentQuantityPrice/UnitApproximate Price (PKR)
550 watt  Grade Tier 1 Solar Panel N type Double Glass24044000
Inverex Veryon 1.2KW Solar Inverter17000070000
Installation Cost45004500
Structure L 2 C-Type2500010000
Protection  Complete DP Box ( SPDS, AC/DC breakers, safety breakers, cable ties, pipe duct, thimbles, and other accessories )90009000
DC Cables 6mm Coil (Imported Cable, Flexible, Non Flammable)152005200
12 volt battery12800028000
Total estimated cost 170700

Overall, the total cost for a 1-kilowatt solar system in Pakistan can range from approximately 100,000 to 200,000 PKR, depending on the specific components chosen and installation charges. This investment can often be recouped over time through savings on electricity bills and the potential for government incentives or net metering programs.

With the increasing affordability and effectiveness of solar technology, more and more Pakistanis are considering making the switch to solar power to mitigate the impact of rising electricity costs and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.

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