2 KW Solar system Price in Pakistan June 2024

In Pakistan, the cost of electricity has surged significantly, prompting a surge in interest towards solar panel installations as an alternative energy solution. With many unable to afford expensive panels, the demand for affordable options has soared.

2 KW Solar system Price in Pakistan

For those considering a 2kW solar system, understanding its cost breakdown is crucial. This includes not only the panels but also inverters, mounting hardware, wiring, and optional battery storage systems for uninterrupted power during outages.

2 KW Solar System Cost in Pakistan 2024

ComponentQuantityPrice/UnitApproximate Price (PKR)
550 watt  Grade Tier 1 Solar Panel N type Double Glass44292400
Inverex Veryon 2.5KW Solar Inverter19700097000
Installation Cost90004500
Structure L 2 C-Type2500010000
Protection  Complete DP Box ( SPDS, AC/DC breakers, safety breakers, cable ties, pipe duct, thimbles, and other accessories )1200012000
DC Cables 6mm Coil (Imported Cable, Flexible, Non Flammable)11000010000
12 volt battery12800028000
Total estimated cost 253900

The price of a 2kW system varies based on quality, installation charges, and additional features. On average, it ranges from PKR 230,000 to PKR 300,000.

In conclusion, investing in a 2kW solar system in Pakistan is strategic, providing economic relief and environmental stewardship amidst energy challenges.

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