Glass Doors Prices in Pakistan 2024 And Its Types

Glass Doors Prices in Pakistan

Glass doors are prevalent nowadays. Everyone is chasing the charm and beauty of life. One of the many things that add to the glow and beauty of the home is the door’s appearance, and the glass door is unparalleled in this scenario. It provides a fantastic look to the viewers. This text will give you the detail you should know before buying and selecting a Glassdoor. Here is a list of some glass doors that are preferred and used widely because of their quality

Glass Door Rates in Pakistan June 2024

Door glass nameSizePrice per square feet
Clear/transparent glass3mm126.04/-
Clear/transparent glass3.5mm134.07/-
Clear/transparent glass4mm150.47/-
Clear/transparent glass5mm150.87/-
Clear/transparent glass6mm203.03/-
Clear/transparent glass8mm283.51/-
Clear/transparent glass10mm380.04/-
Clear/transparent glass12mm449.58/-
Green glass5mm187.34/-
Green reflective5mm227.78/-
Brown reflective5mm227.78/-
Blue glass5mm175.92/-
Blue reflective5mm227.78/-
Wc green brow5mm163.04/-
Wc blue5mm159.20/-
Cc green brow5mm173.42/-
Cc blue5mm164.54/-

Types of Glass Doors

You can find a glass doors in various styles, materials, and designs. It can be used in any location or environment, whether inside a home, in an office, in a company or in any other place you wish to use it.

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Glass door price in pakistan
Glass door price in pakistan
  1. Gliding Glass Doors: The sliding glass door is a type of door where two panels of glass slide along the track and open and close along the way.
  2. French Glass Doors: They are the most common odors. They are hinged glass doors often used as entryways or interior doors between rooms.
  3. Pivot Glass Doors: Pivot doors rotate on an axis. You can add a touch of class to a room with the sleek and modern look it provides.
  4. Folding Glass Doors: These doors fold open like an accordion, creating a large opening for seamless indoor-outdoor living.
  5. Stacking Glass Doors: Stacking doors slide and stack against each other, creating a large opening similar to folding glass doors.
  6. Frameless Glass Doors: The glass in these doors does not have a visible frame around it, thus making them sleek and modern.
  7. Frosted Glass Doors: Frosted glass doors have a frosted finish that provides privacy while allowing natural light to pass through.
  8. Etched Glass Doors: Etched glass doors have a design or pattern etched into the glass, adding an artistic touch to any space.
  9. Tinted Glass Doors: Tinted glass doors have a colored or darkened tint to reduce the amount of sunlight entering the space.
  10. Tempered Glass Doors: A tempered glass door, also known as safety glass, is more resistant to breakage and shattering than a regular glass door. It is often used to improve the safety of a door when installed.

Glass Door For Shop

The shop door is used extensively as a public place; good quality glass is the ultimate requirement. Mostly it is a one-sided door. Most commonly, laminated glass is used because it is not quickly broken. Also, tempered glass is the best option if someone has enough budget and is keen to use the glass for a long time.

It is best to use insulated glass if you live in an area with temperature changes, as it does not allow temperature changes to occur within the shop. It is constructed with a layer of gas sandwiched between two layers of glass, which gives it an added sense of insulation.

Glass Door For Office

The same types of glass doors are used in offices as in shops. But commonly, high quality is recommended. New and modern glass is smart glass that is remotely controlled and can be made transparent or opaque according to will. It is used where privacy is concerned, like in conference rooms.

Glass Door For Home

Most video variety of glass used is in the home. Because it depends on budget, design, and, more importantly, the owner’s satisfaction. Mostly clear glass is used in homes through which one can easily see outside, and more importantly, it allows natural light to pass through them and light up the house.


Each type of glass door has specific use and features. Companies are chasing good quality in glass that may satisfy customers. Each carries its weight and varies in thickness and quality, of course. Not all of them are suitable everywhere, but the required type depends on the place where to be used, the budget of course, and sometimes privacy as in offices.

To make one thing very clear, the prices, as mentioned earlier, are from the market. These vary according to time. And the other thing is that this website is not for selling glass doors, but it provides you with types of glass doors and prices for each so that you may better choose the style.


On average, a typical project varies between 20,000 and 30,000 /- in terms of cost, depending on the size and nature of the project, the kind of material, and the kind of company involved. As a result, the costs vary depending on the project’s size, the kind of material, and the company involved.

There are several benefits of having glass doors in your home or office. Glass doors can enhance the beauty of a home, increase the amount of natural light in it, add aesthetic value, and create a sense of openness and space. In addition, they can also be more durable and easier to maintain than traditional wooden or metal doors as well.

The price mentioned above is just for glass material. The other things, like handle, hinge, nut bolts, etc., are charged separately, and the installation fee has to be paid separately.

Yes, there is a warranty, but companies only give a guarantee on high-quality glass, which is expensive. However, there are several conditions for a sound security system. Customers can claim that some security flaws have been found, but not all. So, be careful and check out all the terms and policies set forth by the company.

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