Jinko Solar Panel Price in Pakistan July 2024

Are you also curious about the current Jinko solar panel Price in Pakistan? Jinko, one of the renowned and top-quality solar panel brands in Pakistan, has gained significant popularity due to its high demand and widespread usage.

Jinko Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

Recognizing this demand, Jinko has continually improved its quality to meet the expectations of Pakistani consumers. Many people are keen to know the rates and specifications of these solar panels. Below, you will find a detailed table that includes the prices, capacities, and other relevant details of Jinko solar panels available in Pakistan.

Jinko Solar Panel Rates in Pakistan

Jinko single Glass solar panel priceRS. 40/watt
Jinko bificial double glass solar panel priceRS. 44/watt
Jinko N type solar panel priceRS. 45/watt

Jinko Solar Panel Price (555 Watt 570 Watt 580 Watt)

Panel CapacityPrice Range (PKR)
Jinko 555 watts single glass A grad documentedRS. 22200
Jinko 555 watts double glass A grad documentedRS. 24420
Jinko N type 580 watt double glass RS. 26100

Opting for Jinko solar panels means you’re selecting a dependable and high-performance energy solution tailored to your needs, while also playing a vital role in fostering a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

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