Paint Brush Price in Pakistan June 2024

We paint walls or houses to enhance the beauty of the buildings. But when it comes to choosing the painting, the first thing that plays a crucial role is Paint Brushes. The more perfect paintbrush, the more it gives a fine look to the wall. Choosing the right Paint Brush can be tricky. But no need to worry because we are here to assist you with this matter. This article will cover a complete guide to understanding the types of paint brushes and their prices in Pakistan. So, read the article to keep knowing the factors affecting the prices of paint brushes with full attention.

Types of Paint Brushes

Round Brushes

Most artists use round brushes as these are the most common or versatile brushes. They have a round tip, making them ideal for intricate details, outlining, and filling small areas. The price range for round brushes in Pakistan fluctuates based on the brand and material.

Flat Brushes

The square-end brushes having a rectangular shape are called flat brushes. These brushes are best to cover large areas or help to create bold strokes and to achieve a smooth finish. Prices for flat brushes can range from budget-friendly to premium.

Filbert Brushes

The combination of flat and round brushes having an oval-shaped tip is usually called filbert brushes. They are perfect for blending, softening edges, and creating natural-looking curves. The prices of Filbert brushes may vary based on the quality of the bristles.

paint brush price

Fan Brushes

Fan brushes boast bristles arranged in a fan-like shape, enabling artists to add texture, blend colors, and easily achieve foliage effects. The price of fan brushes is relatively affordable, making them a popular choice among artists.

Angular Brushes

Angular brushes have slanted bristles, making them ideal for creating sharp edges, controlled strokes, and angular shapes. They are particularly useful for painting architectural details and geometric patterns. Moreover, good quality of material and brand also affect the prices of angular brushes.

Prices of Paint Brushes in Pakistan

1″ singleRs 30
1″ doubleRs 50
2″ single Rs 60
2″ doubleRs 100
3″ single Rs 90
3″ doubleRs 150
4″ singleRs 120
4″ doubleRs 200
5′ doubleRs 250

Factors Affecting Paint Brush Prices

Quality of Bristles

Brushes of superior quality with natural bristles generally come at a higher price compared to their synthetic alternatives. Natural bristles offer better paint retention and smoother application.

Brand Reputation

Popular and trusted brands that have a long history of making excellent products may have more expensive brushes because people trust and value their reputation.

Brush Handle Material

The handle material can impact the overall price. Brushes with ergonomic and premium materials may cost more but offer better comfort and durability.

Brush Shape & Size

Shape & sizes of brushes are also a reason for the increase in Paint Brush prices. The greater the size of the brush, the more will be the prices.

Budget-Friendly Paint Brushes

Value Packs

It’s advisable to buy value packs or brush sets of multiple brushes because it’s a cost-effective option for beginners.

Affordable Synthetic Brushes

Natural brushes can be overpriced where, as there are many budget-friendly synthetic brushes available that still have good performance.

Where to Buy Paint Brushes in Pakistan?

Local Stores

A wide range of Paint Brushes are available in local stores. You must visit near local store if you want to buy paintbrushes.

Online Marketplaces

Different online marketplaces or websites also offer a range of paint brushes with the convenience and the ability to compare prices easily.


We tried to provide a comprehensive guide about Paint Brushes in this article. Now choose the best paint brush to get smooth or fine results. For painting the wall, paint brushes should be of better quality. After this article, you’ll get an idea of the prices of Paint Brushes in Pakistan. Moreover, if you plan to purchase solar inverters and are unsure about the market prices, then read Solar Inverter Prices in Pakistan for the complete guide!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Premium paint brushes are available at reputable art supply stores and online marketplaces. Look for well-known brands for the best quality.

It’s generally recommended to use separate brushes for acrylic and oil painting to avoid cross-contamination and ensure optimal performance.

Clean your paintbrushes thoroughly after each use to maintain their condition and prevent paint buildup.

Yes, many online art supply stores in Pakistan offer cash on delivery as a payment option for added convenience.

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