Welding Rod Price in Pakistan June 2024

Welding rods, also known as welding electrodes, are metal wires with a coated outer layer. They serve as a consumable electrode in the welding process, providing the filler material that fuses with the base metals. Welding rods come in various types, each designed for specific welding applications and metal compositions.

You’ll find different types of welding rods, including mild steel rods, stainless steel rods, cast iron rods, and aluminum rods. Each welding rod has unique characteristics and is suitable for specific welding projects. 

Welding Rod Rates in Pakistan

Welding RodPrices
Welding Electrodes 12 Number Rod 2.5mm (150 Rods)RS 1400
WELDING ROD PACKET 12 NUMBER ,2.5mm ,(150 pieces),2.5kgRS 1350
20pcs Welding Rods Low Temperature Soldering Corrosion Resistant Weld WireRS 850
Welding Rod Per KgRS 500

Common Types of Welding Rods in Pakistan

  1. Mild Steel Rods

Mild steel rods are mostly utilized in various welding applications due to their friendly nature and versatility. These rods are particularly good for welding low to medium-carbon steels. Furthermore, these rods are easy to use, that beginner to professional weldors can easily handle mild steel rods.  

welding rod price

In addition, these mild steel rods are less in price as compared to other types of welding rods. These rods are the 1 choice among weldors for general welding projects due to their affordability and availability!

  1. Stainless steel Rods

Stainless steel rods are specifically created for the purpose of welding stainless steel. These rods have strong resistance against rust, corrosion, and stain, which makes them a popular choice in industries such as construction, automotive, food processing, and medical equipment manufacturing.

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Furthermore, these rods ensure strong and durable welds in various stainless steel applications.

  1. Cast Iron Rods

These rods are ideal for repairing or joining cast iron components. These cast iron rods provide exceptional strength and help in achieving crack-resistant welds on cast iron surfaces.

Additionally, these rods are mostly used in various industries due to their excellent heat retention properties, resistance, and durability.

  1. Aluminum Rods

Aluminum rods offer excellent conductivity and produce high-strength welds. These rods are also used in various industries for welding lightweight aluminum alloys.

Factors Affecting Welding Rod Prices

Several factors influence the prices of welding rods in Pakistan. Let’s discuss a few of them.

Material Composition

Material composition affects the welding rod price in Pakistan. The rods made from special materials or premium alloys are more expensive than those made from standard compositions.

Diameter & Length 

The diameter and length of welding rods also impact their prices. Thicker or longer rods cost high because of the large amount of material used in their production. 

Quantity Purchased

Purchasing metal rods in bulk quantity leads also leads to a lesser price. Sometimes, Suppliers may offer bulk purchase options or provide discounts based on the number of rods bought.  

Where to Buy Welding Rods in Pakistan

Local Hardware Stores

Local stores are the best source for buying welding rods. These stores usually offer rods at low prices and give the opportunity to physically inspect products before buying.

Online Marketplace

Online marketplaces such as Daraz and other big websites offer a wide range of welding rods, along with customer reviews and ratings. By checking reviews and ratings, you can easily order them, and they’ll deliver to your doorstep.

  Tips for buying Welding Rods

  • Compare prices of different brands and suppliers while considering the quality and performance of the rods.
  • If you require welding rods in larger quantities, inquire about bulk purchase discounts.
  • Look for reputable brands and suppliers that are famous for their high-quality products.


I hope you’ll get an idea of welding rod prices from this article. We tried a lot to cover everything about welding rods, including their types, buying tips, factors, and where you can buy them in Pakistan. If you follow the buying tips we told you in this article, then you’ll get the best quality welding rods in Pakistan at an affordable price!


No, mild steel rods are not suitable for welding stainless steel. Stainless steel rods specifically designed for this purpose should be used.

Yes, aluminum rods are generally more expensive due to the higher cost of aluminum as a raw material.

You can find welding rod prices on various online marketplaces that offer welding supplies.

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