10 Marla House Construction Cost 2024

Cost of Building 10-Marla House

There are a lot of challenges and excitement involved in building a 10-marla house. Several factors, including location, materials, labor costs, and quality, can influence construction costs.

If you live in Pakistan, you can expect to pay approximately PKR 5,000,000 to PKR 15,000,000 or more for a 10-marla house. Variations in construction materials and labor charges can vary depending on the construction site’s locations and the availability of materials, which can cause this range.

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The design and style of the house, foundation type, roofing materials, flooring options, and door and window types can also affect the construction cost. You can also determine the construction cost by hiring an architect or contractor or doing the work yourself.

10 marla house constuction cost
10 marla house constuction cost

10-Marla House Covered Area 

The covered area of a 10-marla house is usually between 2,250 and 3,000 square feet. Your single-story home will have approximately 2,250 to 2,500 square feet of covered space. In this covered area, you can find ample storage space, a comfortable living room, a functional dining area, a functional kitchen, comfortable bedrooms, and a bathroom.

The covered area of a two-story house can be between 2,500 and 3,000 square feet. There are approximately 1,500 to 1,750 square feet of covered space on the ground floor, composed of a living room, dining area, kitchen, and one or two bedrooms with attached bathrooms. A family lounge and additional bedrooms may be included on the first floor, which can have a covered area of 750 to 1,250 square feet.

10 Marla House Grey Structure Cost 2023

Developing a 10-marla gray structure can be an exciting process, but it is also challenging, especially when it comes to estimating its cost. PKR 4,000,000 to PKR 5,000,000 is the estimated cost of constructing a 10-marla gray structure in Pakistan as of 2023. This is only an estimate, so the cost will vary depending on the project.

Gray structures can be significantly impacted by factors such as the location of the construction site, the house’s size, and the building materials used. In remote areas, the transportation costs for construction materials and labor can be higher, which will increase the overall cost of the gray structure.

Gray structures typically include the foundation, walls, roof, plumbing, electrical wiring, and basic finishing work, such as plastering and flooring. Window, door, and other fixtures and fittings are not usually included in the cost of gray structures.

10-Marla House Construction Material

Choosing suitable construction materials is crucial when determining the overall cost and quality of a 10-marla house. The material you choose depends on several factors, such as your budget, personal preferences, and the availability of materials in your local area, so you can choose from various options.

You will need the following materials in order to build a 10-Marla house.

Buying bricks at a good price`

In 10-marla house construction, 97,000 bricks are required for this house’s construction. Bricks from the Awwal category are recommended because they provide excellent structure. The cost of Awwal category bricks(class-1) is 13.50 per brick. The total cost of bricks used in 10-marla construction will be required PKR 1,309,500.

Crush + Rori Cost

Crush is used in construction for houses. Desires are divided into two types in Pakistan. One is Maragla’s crush, and the second is Sargodha’s crush. Both crushes charge different prices; Margala’s is Rs138 per CFT, while the other is Rs130 per CFT. The total amount is Margala crush is Rs. 289,800, and the Sargoal amount is Rs. 273,000.

Cement Cost and Quality

Cement is a significant material used for the construction of houses, it is used as a binding material for construction. Cement bags are needed for almost 1020 for 10 marlas of house construction. There is a starting price of Rs.1100 for cement per bag. According to this price, the total amount of 10 marla houses will be 1,122,000.

Steel Cost and Quality

Steel is one of the most important materials for construction, so there are a lot of different prices for it. The amount of steel required to construct a 10-marla house is approximately 50 tons. The steel rate is Rs.270 per kilogram in Pakistan. However, the total cost of steel for a 10-marla house is Rs1,350.000.

  Plumbing Material Cost

During the construction of a house, plumbing works refer to the installation and connection of pipelines for sewerage, water, and drainage. It is estimated that the plumbing costs for the 10 marla houses will total Rs.849,000, which includes the supply of hot and cold water, drainage piping, gas piping, pumps, and drains for the 10 marla houses.

Wiring materials for electric appliances

Materials required by electrical systems include conduit, PVC pipes, PVC bends, PVC tape, junction boxes, switchboard boxes, etc. There is an estimated cost of Rs.1,086,999 for electrical wiring for a 10-marla house.

Ghassu Cost

A mixture of sand and clay is used to backfill plots before building houses. Most of the time, it is taken from riverbeds. Your home is made stronger with Ghassu. There is a total cost of Rs.123,180 for Ghassu backfill and excavation for a 10-marla house.

Safety Grills

Safety grills are available for windows and main gates and are made of steel, and they are also available in different designs and prices in the bazaar. Grills come with more strength and durability in the market, the grill’s price is almost Rs.150,000.

Steel Choughat Cost

During house construction, the steel Choughat is the most valuable. The steel frames of windows and doors are very important for the finishing of the house. These windows and doors are then fixed in these steel frames. For 10-marla house construction steel, Choughat’s cost is Rs.200,000 to Rs.300,000.

Main Gate

As part of the construction, the main gate also has to be built, and its design, gauge, size, and dimensions determine its cost as well. The Main gate is available in different designs in the market. The main gate cost for 10 marla houses will be 150,000 PKR, approximately.

Flooring Tiles Cost

When the house is coming to a finish, flooring tiles are most valuable for construction. Flooring tiles are available in different designs and at varying costs in the market. For 10 marla double-story,280 tiles for flooring,140 tiles for bathrooms, for Teracce 22 tiles, for garage 55

tiles, for two kitchens 60 tiles, the total tiles required for 10 marla house is 557 tiles. 

Paint and Ceiling

Your house is complete and beautiful when it has a beautiful paint job and ceiling. Colors and textures vary from one paint company to another in Pakistan. Paint of good quality costs between Rs.200000 and Rs.400000

 Electric Equipment

Electrical equipment includes lights, lamps, switchboards, fans, power plugs, exhaust fans, breakers, and more. The cost of electric types of equipment for 10 marla houses will be around 900,000 PKR. However, the electric cost will be 1,000,000 PKR.

Wooden work

A woodworking cost for a 10-marla house depends on the design and size of the house. The woodworking includes the doors, LCD rack, wardrobes, door handles, and kitchen cabinets, which account for a large chunk of the total cost. Including labor and materials, will be 1,000,000.

Kitchen and Bathroom Accessories

It is necessary to have bathroom and kitchen accessories during the finishing process. A few examples of bathroom accessories include a counter vanity, vanity cabinets, commodes, wall-mounted commodes, bath cabins, bathroom sets, hangers, etc. In total, the kitchen accessories will cost 550,000 PKR, and the plumber will charge 140,000 PKR. All kitchen accessories and equipment of 10 marla houses will be 200,000 PKR.

Stair Marble 

Stair marble is available in a wide range of prices depending on its design and quality; granite stair marble is suitable for kitchen shelves, while stair marble for staircases is suitable for staircases. Usually, stair marble costs about 150,000 PKR for a 10-marla house, while kitchen shelves marble costs about 50,000 PKR for a 10-marla house.


  1. What is a 10 Marla plot?

    10 Marla plots are land measurements used in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, equating to approximately 272.25 square meters.

  2. Can you tell me about the cost of building a house on a plot of 10 Marlas?

    Building a house on a 10-Marla plot depends on several factors, including the location, materials used, and the contractor chosen. On average, the cost of constructing a 10 Marla house can range from 6,000,000 PKR to 1,000,0000 PKR.

  3. What factors affect construction costs?

    The location, size, design, quality of materials used, labor cost, and government taxes all affect construction costs.

  4. Can the cost of construction be reduced in any way?

    If you choose a simpler design, use less expensive materials, or negotiate a lower labor cost with the construction company, you can reduce the cost of construction.

  5. When building a house, how can I avoid common mistakes?

    When building a house, avoid choosing a construction company solely on price, not checking the quality of materials used, not obtaining necessary permits and licenses, and not closely monitoring the construction process.


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