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Are you looking for commode seat rates or prices? We are providing a list of commode prices from various companies.

The commode is a basic need for every person. It has become a much-needed part of each house and building. When we look at the history of the commode, we find that the word  “commode ” is borrowed from the French word that was used for  “convenient” or  “suitable. “

At the time of yore, the commode was commonly known as an article of furniture or a cabin with drawers. It was used for decorative and storage purposes.

Later on, it became known as the porcelain toilet. Now it has become a primary part of sanitary hardware, and if you are looking for a new commode for your home or any building.

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First, check the rate list of different commodes. So you can select the best commode that is competent for your budget. Here’s the complete list of commode prices.

Commode price in Pakistan

Commode Price In Pakistan June 2024 | Commode Latest Rates

Brand NamePrice (Rs) PropertiesDimensions
Porta(HD177A)70,000One-piece toilet,
With a hydraulic seat cover
Porta (HD180A)43,4001-pc toilet,
4/6 liter flush water saving
Porta (HD257N)24,0002-Pc WC, 6-liter flush water-saving model642x365x785mm
Diamond Pool Sanitary Ware16,8851-Pc toilet, Scratch resistant710x410x600mm
Grace(OP-2) Master Sanitary Ware17,5421-Pc toilet, easy to clean660x620x394mm
Fantasy(OP-6)Master Sanitary Ware18,3901-Pc, non-porous, easy to maintain690x725x382mm
Royal Tank Commode
19,9901-Pc toilet, easy to install, non-porous700x735x400mm
V444, Vogue Sanitary ware16,8002-Pc,1-year flush warranty686x700x390mm
Galaxy commode, Dell Sanitary Ware15,0001-Pc,6-liter flush water capacity620x710x415mm

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We don’t buy and sell commodes. We are just providing rates for your convenience. Before purchasing the product, please check the rates from your local market.

Types of Commodes 

Commonly used commode types in Pakistan are given below.

1. One-Piece Commode

A one-piece commode is manufactured in the form of one unit. Cisterns and toilet bowls are directly attached. They cannot be separated in case of any leakage. The one-piece commode is only available in simple styles, making it challenging to transport from one place to another.

2. Two-Piece Commode

The two-piece commode has a detachable water tank. It is challenging to clean and occupies more space than a one-piece commode.

3. Wall-Hung Commode

In the wall-hung commode, the water tank and plumbing are not visible. The cistern is installed behind the wall or panel. It is a modern type of commode. It occupies less space and is easy to sanitize. It is more costly than other commodes.

4. Back-to-Wall Commode

A back-to-wall commode has a cistern hidden inside the wall. The pan is connected directly to the wall and has no space left between the floor and the toilet bowl. It gives a lavish look and is easy to sanitize or clean.

Commode Manufacturing Companies in Pakistan

There are multiple commode manufacturers in Pakistan. Some of them are the following

  1. Handyman services, Lahore  
  2. Farid corporation, Islamabad
  3. Mahmood Son, Lahore
  4. Mehran Pipe store, Multan 
  5. Turk Plast industries, Lahore 
  6. Mussa Traders PK, Gujranwala

Pros of Commode Toilet

  • The commode is considered more comfortable than squat toilets.
  • It is more beneficial for the usage of older people and especially for a person who has gone through surgery.
  • It makes the bathroom lavish and modern.
  • It is also available in multiple shapes and styles.

Cons of Commode Toilet

Along with many advantages, the commode also has some disadvantages.

  • The commode requires regular deep cleaning because there is direct skin contact with the toilet bowl, therefore more chances of skin infections.
  • The commode toilets are more expensive than squatting toilets

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can replace the floor-mounted toilet with a commode seat if there’s enough space available.

Standard commode measurements are 28-30 inches deep, 20 inches wide, or 27-30 inches high.

Floor-mounted toilets are the best type of toilet. These are most commonly used in Pakistan. These toilets are more economical, durable, and easy to maintain.

Porta sanitary ware provides high quality and a wide range of sanitary products throughout Pakistan.

The toilet is permanently attached to the bathroom, and its water tank is connected through a pipe with a toilet bowl to flush out the waste. On the other hand, the commode chair can be put anywhere you want. It

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