Sand Paper Price in Pakisan 2024

Sand Paper Price

Looking perfect and stunning at events is everyone’s dream. Not just humans but also consider homes, furniture, and related projects. The things related to yourself are your representation. You get judgment marks based on your surroundings. So, everything should be fine, smooth, and attractive. Like your face, your house walls can also get pimples, which is irritating. Painting your walls again and again but not the satisfied results because of no sanding.

SandPaper is the most selected tool having an abrasive and harsh form. It removes unnecessary particles, wobbly paint, pimples, dust, and grit to prepare the area or even for the painting. After sanding, the paint perfectly sticks to the area. Not bound to just painting the house, the sandpaper has various applications, from brushing up the needles to smoothening wooden projects. Not to smooth the area, sometimes people use sandpaper to make the surface rough for applying glue. However, selecting the right and compatible sandpaper can be a difficult task.

There is a flood of sandpaper categories with varying price ranges. The price differs due to different abrasive (aluminum or silicon-based) coatings. Let’s start to explore the different types or categories along with their prices.

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sand paper price

Latest Sand Paper Rate List June 2024

60 NumberRed NormalRS 90
80 NumberRed NormalRS 95
100 NumberRed NormalRS 95
120 NumberRed NormalRS 100
100 NumberWater ProfRS 100
120 NumberWater ProfRS 105
150 NumberWater ProfRS 105
220 NumberWater ProfRS 110
320 NumberWater ProfRS 110
Per FootRoll RS 130 to 180

Sandpaper Grits

Sand Papers are represented numerically, with the printed grit number on the back side of each sandpaper. Thus, you can discriminate between different grits and select according to your requirements. How does grit get a number? What are the criteria for naming the grits? Mainly, the number refers to the number of holes per square inch. The lower the number, the coarser the grit will be.

On the other hand, the higher rate refers to the fine and extra finer grit. For instance, the 230-grit sandpaper has 230 holes per square inch. Thus, you can choose the right one.

Different Types of Sandpaper

There are different types, and each type serves different functionalities. Some work to give a rough surface, while others try to render a sharp finish according to the nature of the project. For a clearer understanding of each type and price range, we are going to explain all the categories individually.

Coarse Grit
Coarse grit, something harsher. When you want to remove a large material layer from the surface, go with coarse grit sandpaper. For example, turn a piece of wood into a round shape. The mentioned category renders aggressive rubbing to peel off the patches of thick paint. In a similar way, the excess wooden particles can be extracted with this type. Using fine grit for this purpose requires more power, and you will never get the required scratches from the fine sandpaper.

Medium Grit
The medium grit offers general-purpose properties. Generally, it is the most appealing category that leaves a rough texture on the wall or the wooden surface. The scratchiness provides a way to stick the paint in an excellent way.

Fine Grit (Carpenters’ Choice)
When there is less to extract, then there is the option of fine grit. It is not true that the fine grit is not able to remove the material. It removes but in the minimum amount. Likewise, fine grit requires more stamina, time, and effort to remove the material’s heavy layer.

Extra Fine Grit (Something shinier)
Everything requires final touches to give them a final representable appearance. For this reason, the extra finer grit makes sense and helps you to make the surface more shiny and sharp. After sanding, you will have no stains. It is beneficial to use extra fine grit for rigid surfaces.

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It is more important to consider when to use which type of sandpaper. It is always the best approach to start with coarse grit to get the satisfied results. Afterward, the fine grit will assist you in getting the final shiny touches

Price Range of SandPaper

The price of sandpaper in each category remains under the users’ pocket limit, which is the best thing about this sanding tool. According to the usage, you can get a single sandpaper and a pack. A pack can have 24 to 50 pieces. So, the price varies from brand to brand, but generally, a single piece of sandpaper, let’s say from (60 to 320) costs Rs 60 to Rs 90. Similarly, a pack costs Rs 1800 to Rs 2500 (according to Daraz). Mostly, people prefer to use sandpapers within the given range mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Sand Papers

20 grit comes in the category of coarse sandpaper used to remove the excess material in the first step from the surface.

2000 grit has the higher rank or right after the range of fine sandpapers. In this way, people count 2000 grit in the extra fine sandpaper type for light sanding.

Different manufacturers of sandpaper in the market offer abrasive papers at different prices. Generally, 320 grit costs 180 rupees.

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