Distemper Price in Pakistan 2024

Are you curious to know about Distamper Prices in Pakistan? If Yes! Then you’re at the right place. Due to the affordability & wide availability of Distemper, it’s the most commonly used wall paint in Pakistan. After reading this article, you’ll have every knowledge related to different brand prices of Distemper & its affordable price. So, keep reading the article till the end!

What is Distemper Paint?

Distemper paint is a type of water-based paint that has been used for centuries. It’s usually made from animal glue or casein (a milk protein) mixed with pigments and water. These paints are also famous for giving the walls a powdery texture.

distamper price in pakistan 2023

Compared with other paints, Distemper paints are durable, easy to apply, able to produce vibrant colors, and give a good texture to the wall. Furthermore, It consists of chalk, lime, water, and pigments, providing a matte finish to the walls.

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Distemper Price in Pakistan June 2024

Distamper BrandQuantityPrice
Brighto14.75 litterRS. 6700
Brighto3.65 litterRS. 1800
Happilac14.75 litterRS 6650
Happilac3.65 litterRS 1750
Diamond14.75 litterRS. 6750
Diamond3.65 litterRS. 1820
Master14.75 litterRS. 6500
Master3.65 litterRS. 1700
Local Ditamper(Black Drumi)12 KGRS. 500
Local Ditamper(Black Drumi)18 KGRS. 650
Local Ditamper(Black Drumi)24 KGRS. 700
Local Ditamper(White Drumi)24 KGRS. 1250

Key Features of Distemper

  • Cost-effective compared to other paint options
  • Ideal for interior walls and ceilings
  • It offers a smooth, matte finish
  • Easy to apply and touch up
  • Requires a primer coat for better adhesion

Choosing the Right Distemper

It is important to consider the requirements when selecting the distemper. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Assessing project requirements

To ensure optimal results when painting, it is essential to thoroughly evaluate the surface conditions and intended finish beforehand. Distemper manufacturers offer specialized products for different applications including choices between textured or smooth finishes that can help you achieve your specific goals with ease.

Identifying suitable brands

Before buying the best Distemper at an affordable price, make sure to do proper research and read customer reviews about different reputed brands. Usually, Reputable brands ensure better quality control and reliable performance.

Considering budget constraints

Consider options that fit your budget before starting your project. It’s possible to find good-quality distemper at affordable prices without compromising on the final results.

Tips for Cost-Effective Painting with Distemper

To make the most of your distemper paint and ensure a cost-effective painting project, consider the following tips:

Proper Surface Preparation

Before applying the distemper, make sure to clean the walls thoroughly and remove dust & grease because a well-prepared surface enhances the paint’s adhesion and longevity.

Optimal paint application techniques

Abiding by a professional’s guidance on dilution and application techniques is crucial if you want optimal results. By using recommended brushes or rollers during painting jobs you can achieve an even finish with style.The coverage can be maximized through applying thinner coats of paint and providing adequate intervals among them so they properly dry before following up with additional applications.

Maintenance and longevity

Regular cleaning and maintenance of painted surfaces can increase the lifespan of the distemper. Avoid harsh cleaning agents or abrasive materials that may damage the paint. Gentle cleaning with a soft cloth and mild detergent is usually sufficient.

Where to Buy Distemper in Pakistan?

Here are few common sources:

Local Store

Visit the nearest local store or pain shop to explore the available options. The staff present in the store will introduce you to different brands and help you to find the best one.

Online Marketplaces

You can also purchase from online marketplaces like daraz and few more. These online marketplaces are also offering wide range of distemper brands, allowing you to compare prices, read reviews and make a convenient purchase at your home.


I hope this detailed article is enough to provide the great facts about distemper. Distemper paints are affordable and easy to apply than the other paints. You can easily get these from local shops or online according to your choice. And if we talk about the prices then big brands usually cost high prices because of the good quality material used in it’s preparation. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Distemper is primarily designed for interior walls and ceilings. For exterior surfaces, it’s advisable to use paints specifically formulated for outdoor use, as they offer better resistance to weather conditions.

No! It’s not recommended for wood surfaces.

With proper application and care, distemper can last for several years.

Distemper paint is primarily used for a smooth, matte finish. While it can enhance the aesthetics of a space, it is not typically employed for intricate decorative purposes. For decorative effects, consider other specialized paints or techniques.

Yes, it is possible to mix different colors of distemper to create custom shades.

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