Sand Price in Pakistan 2024 | Latest Sand (Rait) Rate in Pakistan

Do you have any idea about sand price in Pakistan?

Sand is a major component in the exposition of new buildings. It takes part at every phase with all construction materials. People get sand from different rivers, deserts and canals, so it’s mostly present in various qualities.

In ancient times, people used mud instead of sand because sand was not a major constituent for construction at that time. But nowadays, people use sand because it is used for big projects and plays an important role in construction.

You can easily find the new prices of sand every day from our website. The price of sand is given in the table below.

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sand rate in pakistan

Sand Price in Pakistan June 2024 | Rait Rate in Pakistan

Sand1 Cubic FeetRS. 44
Sand200 Cubic Feet (Trali)RS. 10,000
Sand1000 Cubic Feet (Damper)RS. 44,000

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Important Note 

We’ll help you to provide information about sand prices, and we’ll also deliver all information from different markets rates. Our prices shall be different with respect to your area location. On our website we’ll try our best to deliver you approximately precise prices of sand. 

Uses of Sand

Sand is a very important material for different industries like, glass industries, ceramic industries, automotive industries, and silica industries. Sand is also available in different types with respect to its use.

In Pakistan a lot of people use sand at different places like in making of brides, shops, houses, factories, roads and street making projects. It mixes with cement and bajri to which help to increase the strength of building’s.

Due to increases in its demand, its prices also increase with a high percentage.If you want to construct anything like your home and shop, you must buy it urgently and save money.

Because in Pakistan its prices are not Controllable and not fixed for the long term. So you need to store sand for construction of houses, shops and roads.

Preventive Measures

  • Workers need to wear glasses while working with sand.
  • Must use water on sand,when you store it in an open place.
  • Store it away from mud and garbage.
  • While working with sand, you must wear gloves.

Pros (Advantages)

  • Sand increase the beauty of surfaces
  • It’s brighter 
  • It’s very easy to use

Cons (Disadvantages)

  • It is much more expensive than mud. 
  • Sand damages the wound.

Frequently Asked Questions

River sand is brighter and more durable than desert sand.

It’s mostly used with cement for construction of buildings, use with mud making pottery and also used for flooring.

We can easily get it from different rivers, seas, canals and deserts.

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