Door Lock Price in Pakistan 2024

Door Lock Price in Pakistan.

Due to security concerns in Pakistan, door locks are growing in popularity. As people become more aware of the value of maintaining the security of their homes and workplaces, the door locks market is expanding quickly.

Door locks are also available in a wide range of mechanical door locks and hi-tech digital door locks. The more basic door locks are mechanical ones, and their price ranges between 1000-2000 pkr. 

Digital door locks are the most modern type of door locks and they are more expensive than traditional ones. These are used due to more security concerns. This includes biometric, keyless, and remote-control locks.

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door lock price in pakistan
door lock price in pakistan

Door Lock Price in Pakistan June 2024 | Latest Door Lock Price

SR NoNamePice (PKR)
1Variety Handle Lock 5801-462200
2Verona Handle Lock 58031900
3Maximum Handle Lock Kh-0014300
5Handle Lock 325H72 CF5000
6Handle Lock 195 MAB2700
7Triumph Handle Lock 15476500
8Doganlar Handle Lock Orignal Sn9500
9Handle Lock 9126-F1 MSN/CP10500
10Doganlar Handle Lock Ramsey Oksit Brown11000
11Mandelli Handle Lock 1210 MBR28500
12Mandelli Handle Lock 1010 MBR35000
13Mandelli Handle Lock1020 MBR37500

Types of Door Locks

  1. Handle Door Lock

The term “handle door locks” refers to locks that are mounted on doors and are operated by a handle rather than a key. 

They come in a wide variety of designs and finishes and are typically used on interior doors. The type that is used most frequently is a lever handle lock, which is opened by depressing or rotating the lever.

  1. Knob Locks

By turning a knob on the door, knob locks are opened and closed. To provide bare-bones security, they are typically used on entrance doors. A keyed entry knob lock is one type of knob lock that requires a key to open the door. Deadbolts, electronic locks, and combination locks are additional varieties of knob locks.

  1. Lever locks

Lever locks are frequently combined with other locks for increased security and are typically used in residential applications like doors, gates, and windows. When the proper key is used in the lock, a spring-loaded lever used in lever locks is released, allowing the latch to be opened.

  1. Electronic locks

Electronic locks are locks that secure a door or other access point utilizing an electronic control system. They are frequently programmed to permit access to multiple users and are typically controlled by a keypad or card reader. They are usually used for both interior and exterior doors.

  1. Biometric locks

Electronic locks called “biometric locks” are controlled by a person’s distinct physical traits, like a fingerprint or retina scan. Because it is much harder to duplicate a unique physical characteristic than it is to make a copy of a key, they are intended to be more secure than conventional lock and key systems.

  1. Smart lock

Smart locks are electronic locks that can be opened remotely with the help of a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Compared to traditional locks, they are made to provide a higher level of security, accessibility, and convenience. Access to many different places, including homes, workplaces, and garages, can be restricted using smart locks. 

  1. Card Reader locks

As its name suggests, card reader locks require cards to unlock the lock. It usually requires a user to swipe or insert a card into a slot  to open the door or gain access to a secure area. These are often used in office buildings, hotels, and many other places.

  1. Padlocks

Padlocks are the simplest and most portable locks. They are not fixed indoors and can be used wherever you want. They are easy to carry and available in two different designs: keyed padlocks and combination padlocks. Keyed padlock works with the keys and combination padlocks have alphabetic or numeric keys to unlock the lock.

Benefits of Door Locks

  • Door locks add a layer of security to your home or building. Don’t let anyone in.
  • Door locks are a great way to keep treasurable items safe from trespassers.
  • Home automation systems can be connected to a wide variety of door locks. This will allow you to lock your doors remotely and get alerts when someone comes or goes from your house.
  • Hi-tech digital door locks help put an end to the use of keys.

Drawbacks of door locks

  • Installing and maintaining door locks can be pricey.
  • Door locks may restrict access to a particular area or room of a building, which could impede productivity.
  • Door locks pose a security risk because they can be picked up or broken into.
  • Door locks can be difficult to use, especially if you have to carry a key or combination with you.

Application of door locks

Because of security threats, the use of door locks is becoming more and more common. They are not only used for residential settings but also commercial and industrial settings.

They are also used for the security of automobiles, warehouses, and retail stores.

Electronic door locks are also used for homes and business purposes due to their enhanced security features.

Bottom Line

Door locks can be opened using a key, a code, a card, or even a remote control. You can unlock the door using the appropriate technique depending on the type of door lock. If the door lock, for instance, is key-operated, all you need to do to unlock it is put the key into the lock and turn it.

Enter the code on the keypad to unlock the door if it has an electronic lock with a code. Swipe your card through the reader to unlock the door if the lock is card-operated lock. Last but not least, if the door lock is remote-controlled, unlock the door by pressing the remote button.


  1. Why are door locks important?

    Door locks are crucial because they create a safe barrier to guard against unauthorized entry, theft, and other potential risks for people and property. Door locks also encourage a sense of security and safety, which can give homeowners peace of mind.

  2. Which door locks are important for household use?

    Deadbolts and knob locks are important for home use to increase security. Smart locks can also be used to increase your home’s security and convenience.

  3. Are door locks hackable?

    There is a chance to hack door locks. By inserting a key that has been specially cut into the lock and then tapping it with a hammer or other tool. In other instances, electronic locks might be susceptible to hacking using specialized equipment or software.

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