Solar Inverter Prices in Pakistan 12 June 2024

Due to the increase in electricity bills & load-shedding in Pakistan, people are moving towards solar panels. They are the best source to generate electricity affordably using sunlight. Due to its increasing hype in the market, we see price fluctuation in solar devices. One such device is Solar Inverter. 

In this article, we provide a comprehensive overview and comparison of the prices of solar inverters in Pakistan.

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Solar Inverter rates in Pakistan

Overview of Solar Inverters

The solar inverter converts the direct current created by the solar panels into alternating current that is suitable for household appliances, which is a vital component of solar power systems.

Solar Inverter Prices in Pakistan

The price range for solar inverters is as follows:

Sr.NoSolar invertersPrices/Pkr
1Trion Wise 1200 ( SOLAR SUPPORTED INVERTER) (1000 Watt) 12VDC41,000
2Homage HVS-1214 SCC Vertex Solar Charge Inverter Ups 1000W With Official Warranty53,499
3Fronus PV 3200 Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan90,000
4Fronus PV5200 Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan145,000
5Fronus PV2200 Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan 65,000
6Fronus PV9200 Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan280,000
7Fronus PV7200 Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan160,000
8Inverex Veryon 3.2KW Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan185,000
9Fronus Platinum PV12200 Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan345,000
10Local Solar Inverters Price in Pakistan25,000 to 95,000
11Inverex Veryon 1.2KW Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan80,000
12Inverex Veryon 2.5KW Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan120,000
13Inverex Veryon 6KW Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan270,000

Types of Solar Inverters

For a detailed review, let’s start to assess the description of each type with its pros and cons. We have a huge list of inverters that map to the following categories mentioned below. 

  1. String Inverters

As the name suggests, a string inverter permits a string of panels. Here. I mean solar panels. Users apply different techniques for connecting the solar panels together because there is a lot to do to establish the connection. Solar panels in the string inverter take the form of an array just like a list of numbers. 

At initial level, people suggest having at least 12 to 15 solar panels connected in a sequence. Thus, the string inverter is able to get the DC from each of the solar panel and to convert DC collectively in AC. 

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One advantage of string inverters is they’re reliable in price as compared to other Solar Inverters. However, if the single solar panel functioning is affected, then it disturbs the whole array!

  1. Micro Inverters 

Microinverters are another type of solar inverter that is installed on each individual solar panel in a solar power system. If we compare with string inverters which connect multiple panels in a series, microinverters operate individually on each panel. These inverters offer high system performance and flexibility in system design.  

Unfortunately, they are more expensive than string inverters!

  1. Hybrid Inverters

Hybrid inverters are an excellent option for those seeking to optimize energy efficiency. They offer energy storage capabilities. Allowing you to save the surplus energy generated by solar panels for later use. 

The best thing about hybrid inverters is that they provide energy independence. You can use stored energy at night when there’s no sun shining. 

One other best thing about hybrid inverters is that they provide energy independence. You can use stored energy at night when there’s no sun shining. However, you’ll find these inverters a bit expensive compared to string inverters.

  1. Grid-Tie Inverters

Grid-tie inverters act as a helpful resource when it comes to reducing your electricity costs while introducing eco-friendly values into your power usage. Their synchronization with the utility grid enables you to sell any excess power back into it too. With preferences for pricing and configuration that vary, these types of inverters cater efficiently to every system’s scale and need.

During summer, with the rising temperatures in Pakistan, the demand for cooling systems has become a pressing necessity. Air coolers have emerged as a viable and economical solution among the available options. Their compatibility with solar panels makes them even more appealing, allowing them to run almost free of cost.

Air coolers can be incredibly useful in Pakistan, where high temperatures are common. The scorching heat can make daily life uncomfortable, and traditional cooling methods like air conditioners ac may not always be feasible or affordable for everyone. However, a budget-friendly and sustainable solution emerges by combining the power of air coolers with solar panels.

Selecting the Right Solar Inverter

  1. Choose an inverter with the appropriate power capacity according to your power requirements.
  2. Research different brands and their reputation for reliability.
  3. Ensure the warranty protects your investment.
  4. Consult with solar energy professionals for expert advice on selecting the right inverter.

Future Trends in Solar Inverter Technology

Solar energy technology is always changing and getting better. In the future, we can expect improvements like improved monitoring systems and smarter energy management. With its rapid popularity, we expect the advancement in solar panel systems to make these inverters even more efficient and affordable.


We’re concluded that the prices of Solar Inverters depend on several factors, such as power capacity, efficiency, brand, features, and warranty. Make sure to do proper research before buying. Also, you can easily buy from the local shop in your area or branded shop. However, brands usually have higher prices than local stores, so it’s up to you which you prefer!


Are solar inverters necessary for a solar power system?

 Yes, solar inverters are essential as they convert the DC electricity produced by solar panels into usable AC electricity.

Can we install Solar Inverters without professionals?

 If you don’t want to face any performance issues with your solar inverter, then make sure to hire a professional for installation purposes.

 What is the warranty period for solar inverters in Pakistan?

The well-known brands of Solar Inverters in Pakistan give a warranty of 5-10 years.

What is the lifespan of a solar inverter?

The lifespan of a solar inverter usually last 10-20 years, but it all depends on the quality!

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