Marble Price in Pakistan Today 12 June 2024

Marble is classified in metamorphic rock. It’s composed of calcite, aragonite, and dolomite crystals. With the passage of time, calcium carbonate, and limestone form multiple layers together, then go through heat and pressure.

This process gives beautiful and unique pieces of stones that are used for construction purposes. This natural stone is used for flooring purposes and interior designing in Pakistan and all over the world as well..

Before constructing a house or any building, firstly, check the marble rate from your local market. We are providing a marble price list here for your convenience. So you can choose marble according to your pocket. Have a look at the marble price in Pakistan today in Pakistan 2023.

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marble price in pakistan

Marble Rate list of Different Brands

Serial NoMarble TypeFloor Marble PriceStair Marble PriceKitchen Marble Price
1TaveraRS 85-100RS. 240-260RS 340-360
2Sunny whiteRS. 105-120RS 290-310RS 390-410
3Badal MarbleRS. 70-80RS 240-255RS 340-360
4Sunny GreyRS. 65-75RS 150-165RS 210-225
5Ziarat Supreme whiteRS. 340-360RS 590-620RS 1180-1240
6Ziarat whiteRS. 330-345RS 480-520RS 780-820
7Ziarat GreyRS. 80-90RS 260-275RS 340-360
8China VeronaRS. 190-200RS 390-410RS 630-650
9Botticina Fancy RS. 160-175RS 230-245RS 340-360
10FlowerRS. 60-65RS 80-90RS 90-100
11ZebraRS. 90-100RS 240-255RS 340-360
12Silky BlackRS. 70-80RS 175-185RS 290-305
13Black and GoldRS. 270-280RS 430-450RS 430-450
14strawberry RedRS. 140-155RS 260-275RS 340-360
15Strawberry pinkRS. 115-125RS 380-400RS 590-610

Designing and constructing a personalized abode is an attractive goal for many individuals. Hence, marble gives a luxurious look to your dream house. There are various types of marble available in the market. Marble should be selected according to its place. 

Bedroom flooring, kitchen slab, corridors, stair steps, and entrance marbles are available in different colors and designs. Before discussing marble prices in Pakistan, firstly you must have to know its types. That will help you to choose the best marble for your dream projects.

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Types of Marble in Pakistan

The most commonly available marble types in Pakistan are following

  • Ziarat white 
  • Ziarat gray
  • Tavera
  • Verona
  • Badal Grey
  • Zebra Granite
  • Botticino
  • Flower
  • Sunny Grey
  • Parlino
  • Michael Angelo


Due to inflation in the country, these above-mentioned rates may vary from city to city. Before buying any type of marble please check rates from your local market. Do let us know if you notice any change in its prices.

Properties and Uses of Marble

  • The main property of marble is its natural occurrence.
  • Marble gives a shining and sparkling look to your floor or slabs.
  • Marble is used for construction, interior decoration and statutory purposes.
  • Marble is a natural stone that comes in a variety of colors due to the presence of various minerals and impurities in the rock. 
  • Its unique and rich texture made it so special. 
  • Light can easily pass through it. Which gives it a glow.
  • Marble is an eco-friendly and durable stone.
  • It can be cleaned easily.

Just as everything has some advantages, it also has some disadvantages. Some of marble flooring drawback are following

Disadvantages of using Marble

  • Due to its porous nature, it gets stained as any color or acid fall on it
  • It can break or crack easily due to its brittle nature
  • It gives a very smooth and slippery surface, which can cause an accident with little carelessness.
  • It’s a little bit expensive
  • It requires proper care and maintenance

Bottom line 

In Pakistan, the marble price is calculated in square feet or murabba feet. It is easy to buy marble once you have set your budget. You can buy marble at both wholesale rate and retail price. Buying in bulk gives you some concessions. So, buy it directly from the market if you want to save money.

We don’t sell marble. We’re just providing information about the marble rates in Pakistan. Due to economic issues in Pakistan marble rates may fluctuate up and down. Let us know through the contact us page if you find any changes in marble rates. 


The most popular sizes of marble are 600x600mm, 1200x1200mm, and 600×1200 mm. 

The marble is a naturally occurring stone. The longevity of good quality marble is up to 25 years .It can become more long-lasting with great care and maintenance.

The marble surface should be cleaned with hot water, soft cotton cloths , and rag mops. Don’t use acid and harsh chemicals for marble cleaning. You can also use commercially available stone cleaners.

Tavera light and sunny grey marbles are available in an affordable range. Their price range is 45-50 Rs/sqft.  

Botticino fancy is the most popular marble for flooring. It’s also available in several shades.

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