AC Prices in Pakistan June 2024

Latest AC Prices in Pakistan 2023

Air conditioner, the second name of comfort in summer, is a device that regulates the temperature of the indoor space. AC works by letting the heat of the indoor space be transferred outside. Many companies have their setup to design AC, and each gives unique features that cost differently. In Pakistan, varieties of AC are available in the market with different companies’ tags and prices. 

Though every company has a similar basic plan, each company still has different product efficiencies. Here is a list of all the AC companies launched in Pakistan with some features and their price to compare them, which may help you buy a better product.

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Top 10 Inverter AC Prices in Pakistan November 2023

ac prices in pakistan
ac prices in pakistan

1: Haier Inverter AC

Price: 106,999 to 206,999Rs(1 to 1.5 Ton) and 241,999 to 315,999Rs(2 Ton)


  • 1-year warranty of parts 
  • Free repair in the warranty period
  • Remote and mobile app control
  • More than 60% energy saving
  • UPS support with 2-3 hrs functioning
  • Best after-sales service
  • The voltage range is 170-240V
  • Dust filter and anti-corrosive
  • Self-cleaning technology prevents dust from accumulating 
  • Environmental friendly R32 or R410A gas

2: Dawlance Inverter AC


An Econo Series AC inverter from Dawlance that is 1.0 tons = 157,900 Rs
Inverter Series AC (30TS) by Dawlance 1.5 Ton = 171,700 Rs

Aura Series 1.5 Ton Inverter AC (30) by Dawlance = 192,300 Rs


  • Lowest noise while working
  • 60% energy saving
  • Environmental friendly R410A gas
  • Most comfortable AC
  • Washable filters and easy maintenance
  • Timers that allow automatic shutdown
  • Golden fin technology, which avoids rusting
  • Air throw upto 50 feet outside
  • Mobile app control

3: Mitsubishi Inverter AC


AC Split Inverter of Mitsubishi’s 1.0 Ton Series (MSZHJ35VA) = 84,500 Rs

Inverter Split AC Series from Mitsubishi (50JV) 1.5 Tons = 94,249 Rs
The Mitsubishi 2.0 Ton Split Series AC (HJ71VA) has an inverter that converts DC to AC = 392,000 Rs


  • Small size with great power
  • Throw air to long distance
  • Plasma duo filter system for dust and pollen removal
  • Remote and mobile app control system

4: GREE Inverter AC


Inverter AC 1.5 Ton Gree Fairy Series (GS18FITH2W) = 201,900 Rs

The Gree Cozy Series Inverter AC (24CITH11S) has a capacity of 2.0 tons = 122,039 Rs

Lomo Series Inverter AC by Gree (GS24LMH5L) – 2.0 Tons = 184,000 Rs


  • Very reliable
  • Fast and accurate temperature controls
  • Small size with greater power 
  • 1-year parts warranty
  • 5-years compressor warranty
  • Golden fin technology, which is anti-corrosive
  • Low noise operation

5: Kenwood Inverter AC


A/C unit 1.0 Ton eSleek (KES1230S) from Kenwood = 84,500 Rs
Inverter AC Kenwood 1.5 Ton eSMART Plus (KES-1838S) = 129,999 Rs
Kenwood 1.5 Ton Imperial Floor Standing Air Conditioner (KEI-2442FH) = 150,000 Rs


  • 70% energy saving
  • T3 system and works at 60°C outside
  • Minimal noise while working
  • Good after-sales service
  • In-built stabilizer
  • Health ionizers release -ive ions in the air to remove dust and pollen
  • Improve the quality of indoor air
  • Low voltage operation 
  • Anti-bacterial filters prevent the growth of bacteria and molds

6: PEL Inverter AC


A/C unit from PEL’s Majestic Series (PSAC12K) that weighs 1.0 ton = 67,999 Rs

1.5 Ton ACE Series Inverter AC (PINV18K) from PEL = 99,900 Rs

PSAC24K 2.0 Ton Majestic Series AC from PEL = 196,500 Rs


  • 60% energy saving
  • Larger size indoor unit
  • Wifi connection available
  • 10-years compressor warranty
  • Automatically adjust temperatures for sleeping comfort
  • Environmental friendly R32 refrigerants
  • Avoid frosting in coils and other parts
  • Fireproof control box 

7: ORIENT Inverter AC


1.5 Ton Atlantic Series Inverter AC from Orient = 171,500 Rs

Ultron Hyper Series 1.5 Ton Inverter AC from Orient = 90,999 Rs

The Orient 4.0 Ton Standing Ultimate Air Conditioner = 410,899 Rs


  • Anti-corrosive by Gold fin
  • Wifi connection 
  • 60% energy saving
  • Biggest size indoor unit
  • Throw air to long distance
  • Eco inverter technology saves energy
  • Throw air to long distance
  • Hidden display which provides a fantastic look 
  • Environmentally friendly R410a refrigerant
  • Fireproof control box

8: Changhong Ruba Inverter AC


Inverter Split AC (CSDH18BMW) by Changhong Ruba 1.5 Ton = 75,000 Rs

A 2.0-ton standing air conditioner from Changhong Ruba (FH24LW-FH24LA1H) = 116,999 Rs.


  • The cooling process is faster
  • A constant level of comfort
  • Operation of the system is quiet
  • Life expectancy is extended
  • An eco-friendly product
  • Many smart features have been implemented
  • An extensive range of voltages is available

9: Daikin Inverter AC


FT15JXVIP 1.0 Ton Inverter Series AC by Daikin = 96,999 Rs

AC inverter series of 1.6 tons (FTY20JXV1PRY20) from Daikin = 145,500 Rs

FTY25JXV1P Daikin 2.0 Ton Heat and Cool Series Split AC = 290,250 Rs


  • An inverter for a full-size air conditioner powered by 5 DC
  • Condenser based on the Bluefin technology
  • A T3 compressor is used in this system
  • Accessible in R32 Refrigerant

10: Acson Inverter AC


1.5 Ton Inverter Series AC (A5WMY18LR) by Acson = 135,000 Rs

AFS25C – Acson 2.0 Ton Rotary Floor Standing Air Conditioner = 165.500 Rs

AFS50BR 4.0 Ton Rotary Floor Standing Split Air Conditioner from Acson = 268.000 Rs


  • This is a wall-mounted device
  • Increasing the efficiency of the energy system
  • A new generation of inverters has been developed
  • Efficacious and 100% effective at cooling
  • Noise level should be reduced
  • Refined air filters are used to purify the air
  • A copper condenser is used for refrigeration

Benefits of AC Inverter

AC inverters, also called variable frequency drives (VFDs), are electronic devices that have gained popularity due to their numerous benefits. One of their key advantages is their energy efficiency. With AC inverters, motors can be operated at varying speeds based on load conditions, thus saving up to 50% energy consumption. Over time, this results in lower operating costs and faster ROI.

Besides saving energy, AC inverters improve motor performance. Motors can start smoothly, run at lower speeds without losing torque, and operate more efficiently when loaded differently. As a result, motors will last longer, wear and tear will be reduced, and overall performance will improve. Additionally, AC inverters provide flexibility and control, enabling dynamic adjustments and integration into automated systems and allowing remote control, monitoring, and diagnostics.

Final Words

To summarize, when comparing air conditioner (ACs) prices in Pakistan, it is crucial to conduct thorough research, compare prices, and consider factors such as energy efficiency, warranty, after-sales services, installation costs, and overall quality. You shouldn’t just focus on a cheap AC and consider its long-term benefits and savings.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

A central air conditioner has an average lifespan of about 10-15 years. Considering the lifespan of a central air conditioning unit is one of the most important factors to consider when planning to purchase a replacement unit. Sometimes, you may consider replacing your air conditioner rather than repairing it if it is close to ten years old or older.

You can divide it by 600 to get the vital capacity. For example, if your room is 100 sq. feet, the essential AC capacity you will require would be 0.167 tons (100/600).

A central air conditioner consumes between 3000 and 3500 watts per hour, window units use 900 to 1440 watts per hour, and portable units use 2900 to 4100 watts per hour.

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