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Are you pursuing electric cable prices today in Pakistan? You have chosen the best website for gaining useful information regarding electric cable prices. We are presenting an updated rate list of electric cables. So that you can go for the cable that fits your needs.

Electric cables are an essential component of any building. They are used to provide power to many appliances and electric devices that make our lives easier. 

They are highly reliable, strong, and efficient allowing us to enjoy the many benefits of modern technology.  Electric cables are available in multiple sizes, colors, and shapes, allowing you to customize your power needs perfectly.

Before knowing the prices of electrical cables, let’s read about their history. In 1879, Joseph Swan developed an incandescent light bulb, which required wiring to be run from a power source to a light fixture.

In the early 1900s, rubber-coated cables were developed to better protect exposed wiring. This innovation made electric cables more durable and allowed them to be used in more difficult applications.

 In the 1950s, plastic-insulated cables were developed to further improve the safety of electrical wiring.

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The electric cables that are found in the present time are made from various kinds of materials such as copper, aluminum, and plastic-coatings. They are used in numerous applications, from powering your cell phone to running the wiring in your home.

Here is the latest Price list of Pakistan electric cables.

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Electric Cable Latest Rate List June 2024

Sr no.Cable typePrice/Meter Price/Coil
1.3/.029 250/440 VRS. 70RS. 5,890
2.7/.029 250/440 VRS. 143RS. 12,570
3.1×1 MM² 300/500 VRS. 53RS. 4,510
4.1×1.5 MM² 450/750 VRs. 76RS. 6,610
5.1×1.5 MM² 450/750 VRs. 83RS. 7,130
6.1×2.5 MM² 450/750 VRS. 125RS. 10,740

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The prices mentioned above are not fixed and may vary slightly. So before buying any cable make sure to check in your nearest market.

Electric Cable Fabricators in Pakistan

  1. New Prime Electric Cables
  2. Green Cables
  3. Eco-Cables
  4. Abacus electric engineer
  5. Pakistan Cable Limited
  6. Hi-Energy Cable
  7. UniCore Cable Industries
  8. KAN Energy
  9. Techno Cable 
  10. Allied Cables
  11. FAST Cables
  12. GM Cables
  13. Excel Cables

Types of Electric Cable Used in  Pakistan

Various types of electric cables are used for different purposes in Pakistan, the full list of which is given below.

  1. PVC/XPL Cables

PVC/XPL cables are one of the popular types of cables. The main constituent of these cables are PVC or XPL materials and are commonly used for wiring of residential and commercial buildings. These cables are also resistant to moisture and fire and can be used outdoors in wet conditions.

  1. Coaxial Cables

coaxial cables are usually used in television, radio, and satellite applications. These are made of copper and surrounded by dielectric insulators.

  1. CAT5/6 Cables

CAT5/6 is a type of twisted pair of cables made of several insulated copper wires. They are used for data and voice applications and are typically used to connect computers to other networks.

  1. Telephone Cables

They are used to connect telephones and other devices to the telephone network. These cables are made of copper or fiber optics wires and are used to transmit data signals and voice. 

  1. Control Cables

Control cables are made of insulated conductors, which transmit electrical signals. These cables are used to link two or more pieces of equipment to a power supply and are also used in industrial machinery, robotics, and home automation.

  1. Armored Cables

Armored cables are electrical cables protected by a metal sheath or armor. Armored cables can be used for both low and high-voltage applications. These cables are typically used in industrial settings and are an excellent choice for use in areas with high-level of vibration or harsh environmental conditions 

  1. High voltage Cables

High-voltage cables work for power transmission from one location to another. They are typically made from copper, aluminum, or steel and are insulated with either rubber or plastic coating. 

  1. Twin and Earth Cables 

Twin earth cables are often used in domestic and commercial wiring for power outlets and lighting circuits. They provide extra protection against electrical fires caused by short-circuiting.

Pros and Cons of Electric Cables

The electric cables have some bright and dark sides as well. Some of them are listed below

Pros of Electric Cables

  •  Electric cables are more trustworthy and durable than wireless.
  • They can be used in a variety of applications, from domestic to industrial.
  • Electric cables are more cost-effective than other power transmission solutions.
  • They are relatively efficient, as they can transmit power over long distances.
  • Electric cables are safe to use because their insulated coating prevents electric shock.
  • Electric cables also require minimal maintenance.

Cons of Electric cables

  • Electric cables are more expensive than other cables.
  • They require proper maintenance to ensure regular functioning.
  • Electric cables may catch fire as a result of overheating and short circuits.
  • They also cause environmental damage due to their disposable processes.

Applications of Electric Cables

Electric cables are used for numerous applications, some of which are listed below

  1. Home Wiring
  2. Industrial Machinery
  3. Security System
  4. Aircraft Wiring
  5. Robotics 
  6. Solar Panels
  7. Telecommunication
  8. Computer Networks

Preventive Measures

  • Electric cables must be installed in a way that will not be affected by moisture, corrosion, vibration, and chemicals.
  • Inspect cables for cracks or other damages before use.
  • Keep electric cables away from water sources.
  • Avoid overloading circuits.
  • Use an appropriate circuit breaker or fuse when working electric cables.
  • Disconnect the power before making repairs and adjustments.
  • Replace the damaged cable immediately.
  • Wear appropriate protective clothing, such as rubber-soled shoes, including a face shield, and gloves.

Final words

As we come to the end of this article, hopefully, you have got enough information about electric cables. This information will be of great use to you in times to come because every person needs electric cable for house wiring and other appliances. Electric cables are a vital part of any electronics. Now you can buy an electric cable at a reasonable price keeping in mind your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

The price of electric cable is different for each brand. Generally the prices of different types of electric cable range from 50 PKR to 1000 PKR per mete

Before buying any electrical cable, keep the following in mind.
Voltage regulation
Current carrying capacity
Short circuit rating

A solid core cable is typically used for long distances. In a solid core cable, every conductor has a single copper wire. It is less flexible than other standard cables.

The fiber optics cable has the highest speed and bandwidth. Fiber optics are resistant to any interference and can carry signals over long distances with minimum power loss.

The Cat6 Ethernet Cable is considered best for home wiring. It is also a smart cable that is intended to offer stable and quick connections.

The multiple smaller wires are twisted together to form stranded wire.It is more adaptable and convenient for working. In contrast, solid wire is made of single metal wire. It is more durable and reliable for long-distance use due to its strength.

The electric cables are grounded to the earth to protect people and other equipment from electric shocks or damage caused by electric surges.

Different kinds of electric cables have different uses. The basic purpose of electric cable is power supply.

Roll the cable lightly in a circle. 
Don’t tie together different types of cables.
Place it in a drawer and avoid dust.

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