Cement Rate Today in Pakistan 12 June 2024


cement rate today

Today 53 Grade Cement Price

Serial NoCompaniesPrice/50kg Bag
1BestWay Cement RateRS. 1,270-1,280
2Pakcem Cement RateRS. 1,285-1,290
3DG Khan Cement RateRS. 1,275-1,285
4Fauji Cement RateRS. 1,275-1,270
5Lucky Cement RateRS. 1,260-1,270
6Kohat Cement RateRS. 1,260-1,270
7Cherat Cement RateRS. 1,265-1,275
8Maple Leaf Cement RateRS. 1,280-1,290
9Power cement RateRS. 1,260-1,270
10Askari cement RateRS. 1,265-1,275
11Pioneer Cement RateRS. 1,270-1,280
12Paidar Cement RateRS. 1,260-1,270
13Falcon Cement RateRS. 1,265-1,275
14Flaying Pakistan RateRS. 1,250-1,260

White Cement Price in Pakistan

Serial NoCompaniesPrice/40kg Bag
1Maple Leaf White CementRS. 1900-2000
2Kohat WhiteRS. 1700-1800

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D.G khan cement limited is providing a large amount of cement in Pakistan. This company is owned by Nishat Group and was founded in 1986. Its net worth is about 2.2 billion PkR

The main headquarters is located in Lahore, Pakistan. D.G Khan Cement has four plants in Pakistan, two of them are located in D.G khan and the other two are located in the Khairpur district and Hub Lasbela district respectively.

  1. DG khan cement
  2. Maple leaf cement 
  3. Best way cement
  4. Lucky cement 
  5. Attock cement

D.G Khan Cement Company manufactures most cement .Its production capacity is 22,400 tons per day or 6. 72 million tons/annum.

Different types of cement are used worldwide. But in Pakistan, only two types of cement are used: Hydraulic cement and Non-Hydraulic cement.

The key difference lies in the curing and hardening processes of these cement types. Hydraulic cement reacts with water, enabling it to set and strengthen in diverse conditions, even underwater. In contrast, non-hydraulic cement depends on carbonation for curing and is unsuitable for use in consistently moist environments.

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