Crush Price in Pakistan 2024 | Bajri Rate in Pakistan

Crush Price in Pakistan

Why does bajri/crush play an important role in construction? What is the main use of a bajri? 

Today bajri/crush is a very important component in Pakistan, for construction of any kind of commercial and residential plots. Crush Price in Pakistan also change day by day due to increasing demand.

In Pakistan, mostly people buy it in cubic feet and the price of cubic feet may different in your area. Find the updated rates of bajri every day from our website.The price of bajri with its types is given below.

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crush price in pakistan

Crush/Bajri Updated Rate List June 2024 | Crush Price in Pakistan

Bajri TypesSizeUnitPrice
Margalla Bajri2 soter1 cubic feetRs. 130
Margalla Bajri2 soter200 Cubic Feet ( Trolly )Rs. 26,000
Margalla Bajri2 soter900 Cubic Feet (Damper)RS. 117,000
Margalla Bajri3 soter1 cubic feetRS. 135
Margalla Bajri3 soter200 Cubic Feet ( Trolly )Rs. 27,000
Margalla Bajri3 soter900 Cubic Feet (Damper)RS. 121,500
Sargodha Bajri2 soter1 cubic feetRS. 120
Sargodha Bajri2 soter200 Cubic Feet ( Trolly )RS. 24,000
Sargodha Bajri2 soter900 Cubic Feet (Damper)RS. 108,000
Sargodha Bajri3 soter1 cubic feetRS. 125
Sargodha Bajri3 soter200 Cubic Feet ( Trolly )RS. 25,000
Sargodha Bajri3 soter900 Cubic Feet (Damper)RS. 112,500

Important Note:

Our rates may be different from your area rates due to less availability of crush in your location and the major cause may be the rate in your area is transport fares. On the other hand, its price may vary due to crush/bajri quality.

High quality bajri/crush prices are higher than the low-quality due to some change in its production process. We’re not selling bajri/crush here, we’re helping you to provide information about crush rates on our website.

Nowaday it’s very useful for road making, street making, basement, base structure of any building and also in the construction of PRC. Crush is mostly used with the mixtures of sand and cement. It also helps to increase the strength of any building. 

In old times people of Pakistan mostly used TR and Iron gardar in their roofs.but with the passage of time most of the people use PRC mixture which is also mixed with steel rods called saria.

Pros (Advantages) of Crush

  • Crush/bajri increase the strength of buildings.
  • It bears more weight as compared to other materials.
  • It’s very easy to use.
  • It’s a harder matter on earth.

Cons (Disadvantages) of Crush

  • It’s more expensive than mud. 
  • It can cause damage to the wound and produce cuts on the surface of your body.

Preventive Measures

  1. Workers need to wear gloves, when working at the building grounds.
  2. Workers need to wear hard-soled shoes , while working with it.
  3. To prevent your hands from any injury you need some attention during working.
  4. Lift it carefully.
  5. Store it away from garbage and mud.

 Frequently Asked Questions

There are many factors which affect the rates of bajri such as supply,demand, location, and quality of the material

In Pakistan, the quantity of crush/bajri is usually measured  in cubic feet. The price of crush per cubic feet may different due to depending on the location and quality of it.

Yes,the cost of the crush in Islamabad, Faisalabad, Multan, Lahore, and Karachi may differ due to the transportation costs involved in its price.

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