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On our website we’ll provide you information about construction material prices in Pakistan.You’ll be updated by the rate of construction material in 2023. We’ll also keep posting these prices on a daily basis.  

Jbms.pk provides you full detail about building materials like cement, steel iron rod, aluminium windows, marble, commode, sand, crush, pvc pipe etc.

Which prices do we update ?

Grey Structure Materials Prices

  • Cement 
  • Steel Iron Rod
  • Sand and Crush
  • Bricks
  • Marble
  • TR and Gardar

Paint and Hardware Prices

  • Aluminium Window
  • Paint
  • Door Lock
  • Doors
  • UV Sheets

Sanitary Item Prices

  • PPRC Pipe
  • Commode 
  • PVC and UPVC Pipe
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Water Tanks
  • Bathset

we are running our own shop of building material, so on jbms.pk we will upload all the price details. we want your support and affection.

In case you want to sell any product I will help out to sell your product. 

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