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What is the Iron chokhat price in Pakistan?

Chokhat is one of the most important parts of house construction because people use it within every room. It helps to build the privacy in your rooms and homes. Chokhat price is also different in different areas.

The price of window chokhats and door frames / door chokhats are increasing day by day with the enhancement of its demand. In Pakistan, its use increases on a daily basis due to enhancing the construction of buildings. 

In old times people of pakistan mostly used wood chokhat for doors and windows in their houses. But nowadays various varieties of chokhats are available in the market. Such as iron,aluminium and steel chokhat.

Iron Chokhat price varies with the price of iron steel because it is made up from iron steel, and its strength is also very high which helps to serve for a long period. Its prices are different with respect to its size and diameter.

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Iron Chokhat Rate Today

Gauge sizeChokhat sizePriceWall thickness
14Size.3.5×713500Wall. size.9”
16Size.3.5×710000Wall. size.9”
18Size.3.5×78000Wall. size.9”
20Size.3.5×76500Wall. size.9”
Gauge sizeChokhat sizePriceWall thickness
14Size.3.5×77000Wall. size.4”
16Size.3.5×76000Wall. size.4”
18Size.3.5×75000Wall. size.4”
20Size.3.5×74000Wall. size.4”
22Size.3.5×73000Wall. size.4”

Angle Iron Chokat Price in Pakistan

Chokhat SizePrice

Iron Chokhat has the ability to bear the weight of doors. Chokhats are available in markets with different sizes and styles. People mostly use it during the construction process,on the other hand some people use it after the completion of the process.

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chokhat price in pakistan

Important Note

It’s very important for you to check the rates of chokhat in your area, because its price may be different due to material availability, material cost and labor cost.Here we will provide you details about chokhat prices.We are not selling chokhats here we are just guide you about Chokhats rate.

Preventive Measures

  • Workers need to wear a defensive helmet.
  • Lift it with full care.
  • Store it away from dirt, garbage, and extra deleterious substances.

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of steel are as follows:

Pros (Advantages)

  • Iron window frames are affordable as compared to aluminium frames and vinyl window frames.
  • Steel iron chokhats are more durable than other materials.
  • It has the ability to bear more weight.
  • It’s easily available in the markets.

Cons (Disadvantages)

  • Steel iron window frames are good conductors of electricity and cause damages.
  • Due to its heavy weight, it’s difficult to move. 


The prices of chokhats are different in different areas of Pakistan due to some change in labor cost and material availability.

People mostly calculate the price of chakhats after getting the knowledge about price of sheets in square feets

These are various important factors which affect the price of chokhat such as.
1. Supply and Demand
2. Shipping and Labour Costs
3. Currency Fluctuations

By using window frames people get fresh air from outside and easily convey their message to other using it also save bricks use.

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