Brick Rate Today in Pakistan June 2024

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brick rate today

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Today Brick Price in Pakistan

Sr. No  BrandPrice/Brick
1k bricks
3K bricks price(PKR)
1.A class brick 1011717,00051,000
2.Awwal brick (machine-made)1616,00048,000
3.Awwal tile bricks(A-grade)1717,00051,000
4.B-grade brick( ii- brick)1414,00042,000
5.C-grade brick1212,00036,000
6.Khingar brick1510,00045,000
7.Fly Ash brick1818,00054,000
8.Rora90/ cubic ft.

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Disclaimer Note

We are not related to brick transactions. We are just providing you with its price for your convenience. The brick value is different in every city. Before buying the bricks, check the rate from your local market. We will not be accountable for any fraud.

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  • Always fetch high-quality bricks. Low-quality bricks will cause damage in the future.
  • Use moderately burnt bricks. Prefer to choose reddish or copper-colored bricks.
  • Before buying the bricks, do a scratch test with nails. If it makes any impression, then don’t choose this.

The standard size for brick is  9x4x3 inches (LxWxH ), respectively. 

Blocks are used instead of bricks for construction. The blocks can be hollow or solid. They are used in many cities in Pakistan. The blocks are cheaper and less thermal resistant than bricks.

First, calculate the area of the wall ( LxH). Then multiply this area by 60 to get no. of bricks you need and consider 10% extra for wastage.

The estimated no. of bricks for a 5-marla(double-story) house is about 53,000-55,000.

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