Bath Set Prices in Pakistan June 2024

Bath Set Prices in Pakistan

Bath set prices in Pakistan in 2023 range from 14,480 to 50,680 Rs. Bath set prices varies depending on style, size, and brand. In Pakistan Faisal sanitary, Sonex sanitary, and master sanitary are major used brands other also used but in minor way. We discuss below all the brands with its prices and features, you read this article and buy bath set  according to your range and desire.

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Top 8 Brands of Bath Set With Prices

1 Faisal Sanitary

Price: Shaheen Series Bath Set by Faisal Sanitary 3107 = 28,739 Rs

            6707 Faisal Sanitary Bath Set – Complete 8 Pieces = 34,790 Rs

            8-piece Faisal Sanitary 3507 Admiral Series Bath Set = 42,783 Rs

            Complete Faisal Sanitary 4607 Grace Series Bath Set = 50,850 Rs


  • Faisal Sanitary offers a variety of bath sets, including shower gels and lotions, bath bombs, soaps, and hand creams.
  • Ingredients of high quality are used to formulate this nourishing and gentle skincare product.
  • Various fragrance options are available to suit the preferences of each individual.
  • It is packaged attractively, making it suitable for giving as gifts or keeping for personal use.

2 Sonex Sanitary

Price:  ZAM ZAMA (Wall Type) Sonex 6069 Bath Mixer=22,480 Rs

             Bath Mixer DRIZAL 3177 (Wall Type) (Gold) by Sonex = 29,380 Rs

             Indus Wall Type (8Pcs Set) S-5231/5233/2382 Sonex = 35,329 Rs

            The Sonex 6061/6063 2-Piece Zam Zama Set (Bath + Shower) = 39,550 Rs


  • Providing value for money through competitive and affordable pricing.
  • Wear and tear resistance as well as durability.
  • The bathroom design should be stylish and enhance its aesthetic appeal.
  • Homeowners as well as professionals can easily install it, and it is convenient for them to use.
Latest Bath Set Prices in Pakistan

3 Master Sanitary

Price: Set of Faisal’s Pride Single Levers 7407 = 21,337 Rs

            The complete MERLIN SET Bathroom Sanitary Fittings Set4004A = 26,686 Rs

            The complete Flat Series Single Lever Set 6707 = 28,000 Rs


  • Our extensive range of bath sets caters to various customer preferences and needs.
  • An industry-recognized brand that has been in the sanitary and bath set business for many years.
  • Regarding formulation, fragrance selection, and packaging, we pay close attention to every detail.
  • Innovations have been introduced to enhance the bathing experience by introducing innovative features.

4 Super Asia Sanitary

Price: The Super Asia Omega set consists of 7 pieces of bath accessories = 21.650 Rs

            Set of 7 Pieces Complete Bath Set by Super Asia Magnum = 27,999 Rs


  • Eco-friendly bath sets made with natural, eco-friendly ingredients.
  • Skin-sensitive individuals can choose hypoallergenic options.
  • Easy access to a wide distribution network throughout Pakistan.
  • Providing carefully designed bath sets that meet the needs and preferences of customers.

5 Porta Sanitary Fitting

Price: Holder HDA708XH with single lever = 10,120 Rs

            Single Lever Holder HDA0791MG = 14,480 Rs

            Double Knob Basin Mixer HDA0651M from Porta = 15,525 Rs


  • High-quality material is used in the manufacture of this product
  • Technology aimed at reducing water consumption
  • Installation is simple and easy
  • Design that is stylish and modern

6 Idrees Sanitary Fittings

Price: Germany-2012-A | Idrees | Sanitary Fitting = 20,100 Rs

           Solo-511 | Idrees – Sanitary Fitting = 28,661 Rs

            Sanitary Fittings | Kashmir-1312 By Idrees = 33,150 Rs


  • Technology that is cutting edge
  • Eco-friendly features
  • Craftsmanship at its finest
  • Various options for customization are available

7 Ruman Sanitary Fitting

Price: Bath Set by Ruman Aqua AQ-P 4411/AQ-P 4412 = 21,000 Rs

            CN-3321/CN-3322 Ruman Crown Full Round Complete Bath Set = 27,550 Rs


  • The product has anti-bacterial properties
  • Maintainable and easy to use

8 3-Star Sanitary Fittings

Price: 3-Star sanitary bath set ranges from 14,000 to 33,500 Rs


  • Very resistant and durable
  • Design is very stylish in various variety
  • Installation of this product is straightforward


Here is a list of some of the most famous types of bathroom accessories that are equipped in almost all modern homes in Pakistan. They are listed in the following order:

  • Mirrors for bathrooms
  • Sink in the bathroom
  • Cabinet for showers
  • Decorative shower curtains
  • The Bathtub
  • The shelves and racks
  • Organize your bathroom wardrobe
  • Accessories for showers
  • Rug for Bathroom
  • Grab Rails

Types of Bath Set in Pakistan

Shower Gel and Body Lotion Set

An aromatic or moisturizing shower gel and matching body lotion are usually included in these sets. They are designed to cleanse and hydrate the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed at the shower’s end.

Bath Bombs and Bath Salt Set

You can enhance your bathing experience by adding aromatherapy benefits, relaxation, and skin nourishment to your skin by using bath bombs or salts infused with essential oils and fragrances. They can enhance your bathing experience by adding the benefits of aromatherapy, relaxation, and nourishing skin.

Soap and Hand Cream Set

These soaps and hand cream sets are perfect for those who prefer traditional soap bars but still want to keep their hands moisturized after they wash them, as they come with various scents and hand creams to match.

Bath and Body Gift Sets

You may find that these sets are packaged as gift options and may include a range of bath-related products such as shower gels, body lotions, scrubs, bath sponges, and more. These products are perfect for special occasions and make perfect presents for your loved ones.

Men’s Grooming Sets

Men’s grooming sets usually include shower gels, shaving creams, aftershaves, and body sprays designed to address men’s grooming needs. These sets tend to be scented masculinely and cater to their grooming needs.

Organic and Natural Bath Sets

As its name implies, these sets contain bath products that are made without the use of harsh chemicals and are made with organic ingredients that are derived from plants. They are suitable for those who prefer eco-friendly and gentle skincare products.

Travel-Sized Bath Sets

They are convenient for people who repeatedly travel or want to try different by-products before dedicating themselves to full-size versions. They contain travel-size versions of bath products, like shower gels, shampoos, conditioners, and lotions. They fit anyone who frequently travels or wants to try different products before committing to full-sized versions.

Final Words

By reading this article, you can purchase a bath set of any brand for your home, office, and other uses. In this article, we are going to provide all the information about bath set prices in Pakistan; bath set prices in Pakistan increase daily but don’t worry, we are going to give you all the updated prices as well as mention the top eight brands and types of bath sets available in Pakistan.

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