Wall Paper Prices in Pakistan 2024

Wall Paper Prices in Pakistan

Wallpaper is to enhance the charm of the house. It enhances the beauty of the house’s interior with an eye-catching appearance. The aesthetic appeal of wallpaper is much less expensive than the cost. A High-quality wallpaper costs higher than paint, but the long-lasting quality makes it more economical.

Even more interesting is that wallpaper masks wall impairment like cracks, dents, etc., making it more valuable than paint. Quality wallpaper resistant to fading and peeling is the best thing you can have in your home. Price varies according to quality but ranges from  Rs 2,100 to Rs 6,500/ roll 50 sq.

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Latest Wall Paper Prices in Pakistan June 2024

SR.NoName of WallPaper          Price
1.Self-Adhesive Peel and Stick 3D Brick Wall Stickers For TV Walls And Sofa Backgrounds – Size 70 x 77CM – High-Quality PE Foam  299 RS
2.Brick Wall Stickers Self-Adhesive Foam Wallpaper Panels 70*77cm 310 RS
3.The 3D Brick Wall Stickers are made from PE foam bricks and have a high self-adhesive wallpaper. There are five sheets in each pack (70 x 77 cm). 1499 RS
4.Waterproof Self-Adhesive 3D Brick Background Wall Stickers DIY Wallpaper – Set of 10
 2600 RS
5.Decorative Waterproof Wall Stickers Vintage 3D Brick Wallpaper PVC Culture Stone Wallpaper349 RS
6.FRAKIN 60x200cm Wall Paper Heat Resistant Self Adhesive Anti Oil Kitchen Wallpaper Marble Sheet
490 RS

Types of Wallpapers in Pakistan

We have mentioned some of the most popular wallpapers in homes in the following list, which you can find online.

wall paper prices in pakistan
wall paper prices in pakistan

Vinyl Wallpapers

The vinyl wallpapers are made of a synthetic material that is easy to clean, durable, waterproof, and durable. The wallpapers can come in various colors, patterns, and textures. Their colorful, patterned, and textured options range from simple and graphic to bold and graphic. Due to their resistance to moisture, stains, and scratches, vinyl wallpapers are the best choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways in high-traffic areas. The fact that they are easy to clean and can withstand wear and tear is also one reason why they are an excellent choice for families with kids or pets.

Grass-Cloth Wallpaper

The grass-cloth wallpaper is constructed from natural fibers, such as jute, sisal, and hemp. In addition to its textured appearance, grass-cloth wallpaper is a good choice for people looking for sustainable home decor options. It is also eco-friendly and can be a fantastic option if you want sustainable home decor. Due to the irregular texture of grass-cloth wallpaper and its vulnerability to water damage and staining, it is difficult to install, so it is best suited for low-traffic areas.

Foil Wallpaper

Foil wallpaper is a beautiful wallpaper that comes in a metallic finish to add a touch of glamour to any room due to its reflective properties. The colors, patterns, and textures are abundant, from subtle and shiny to bold and glittering. The foil wallpaper is straightforward to clean and can be easily cleaned. However, foil wallpaper can wrinkle and tear easily, which is why it works best for accent and feature walls. Foil wallpaper can be overwhelming if used throughout the room.

Flocked Wallpapers

Wallpaper Designs in Pakistan

Flocked wallpapers have a velvet-like texture that adds a touch of luxury and elegance to a room. A coating of adhesive is used on the paper, and threads are pressed onto it. Flocked wallpaper is available in damasks, florals, and geometric and abstract patterns. Flock wallpaper is best suited for low-traffic areas like bedrooms and living rooms despite being difficult to clean and easily damaged by water and humidity. Besides being more expensive, they require professional installation as well.

The wallpaper design trends in Pakistan often follow global design trends but with a unique Pakistani twist that can be seen in the following three wallpaper designs.

Floral patterns: The use of floral prints in wallpaper design is a timeless classic and is preferred by many people in Pakistan. Large, bold flowers in vibrant colors characterize most floral patterns. Floral patterns create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in a bedroom or living room.

Geometric patterns: In Pakistan, geometric patterns have become a popular choice for modern interiors in recent years. They often feature simple, clean shapes and lines, such as triangles, spirals, and squares, that are popular for interior décor. There is no limit to using geometric patterns in various places, including bedrooms, living rooms, and offices in your home.

Patterned textures: Textured wallpaper has become increasingly popular in Pakistan, especially in minimalist and modern interiors. These designs include stone, brick, or wood textures that enhance the space’s depth and interest. Textured wallpaper can be used to create a feature wall in a hallway or bathroom or enhance the visual appeal of a small room.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, wallpaper has become popular for adding a unique and stylish touch to both houses and apartments throughout Pakistan. The material is available in several forms, including vinyl, nonwoven, and paper. Floral, geometric, and textured designs and patterns are also available to suit all tastes. The price of wallpaper in Pakistan depends on the quality of the material, the design complexity, and the size of the room. Despite these factors, there are affordable options for high-quality wallpaper.


For fifteen years
Wallpaper can last for up to 15 years, while wall paints tend to get damaged much faster. Paint can last 5-6 years on a well-prepared surface but needs to be touched up every year or two to ensure its durability

You should buy waterproof and water-resistant wallpaper if you want to wallpaper your bathroom. These types of wallpapers can be found on the market in various styles. You can install waterproof wallpaper anywhere in the bathroom, including directly in the shower, steam room, or behind the bathtub.

There are three standard widths for wallpaper, 21 inches, 27 inches, and 42 inches, which most manufacturers use. In the wallpaper industry, these are the standard sizes that are used. Regardless of its width, a single roll of wallpaper will yield approximately 50 square feet of usable paper, irrespective of its length.

The number of rolls required to protect a wall space of 7,500 square feet is determined by dividing the total square feet by 27. Thus, the number of registrations is determined by multiplying the house’s size by the wall space’s square footage.

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