Paint Price in Pakistan Today | Latest Paint Rate List 2024

Are you exploring the paint rate list? Delving into this article will help you seek information on paint prices.

Do you know what paint is? Let me explain it.

Paint is a combination of pigment, solvent, resin, and additives. Pigments provide colors, and resins are used to bind colors. At the same time, solvents are carriers of pigments and resins. On the other hand, additives give other properties like scuff, heat, dampness and sagging resistances.

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Paint is a vibrant decoration component used to protect walls and other metals. Here is a list of reasonable paint brand prices to help you choose the best paint for your project.

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paint price in pakistan

Master Paint Price List June 2024

Enamel Paint1050 (0.91liter)3,900 (3.64-liter)Not available
Wall emulsion550 (1-liter)1,800 (4-liter)6,700 (16-liter)
Weather Sheet1,150 (1-liter)3,800 (4-liter)15,000 (16-liter)
Plastic emulsion1,000 (1-liter)3,750 (4-liter)14,500 (16-liter)
Wall PuttyNot Available1,000 (5-kg)3,600 (20-kg)

Happilac Paint Rate List June 2024

Enamel Paint1050 (0.91liter)4,000 (3.64-liter)Not available
Wall emulsion600 (1-liter)1,850 (4-liter)6,800 (16-liter)
Weather Sheet1,100 (1-liter)4,000 (4-liter)15,500 (16-liter)
Plastic emulsion1050 (1-liter)3,850 (4-liter)14,500 (16-liter)
Wall PuttyNot Available1,000 (5-kg)3,700 (20-kg)

Alwan Paint Rate List June 2024

Enamel Paint1050 (0.91liter)3,900 (3.64-liter)Not available
Wall emulsion600 (1-liter)1,800 (4-liter)6,700 (16-liter)
Weather Sheet1,100 (1-liter)3,900 (4-liter)15,000 (16-liter)
Plastic emulsion950 (1-liter)3,650 (4-liter)14,000 (16-liter)
Wall PuttyNot Available1000 (5-kg)3,600 (20-kg)

Brighto Paint Price List June 2024

Enamel Paint1,050 (0.91liter)3,900 (3.64-liter)Not available
Wall emulsion610 (1-liter)1,800 (4-liter) 6,800 (16-liter)
Weather Sheet1,100 (1-liter)4,000 (4-liter)15,000 (16-liter)
Plastic emulsion1,000 (1-liter)3,750 (4-liter)14,500 (16-liter)
Wall PuttyNot Available1,000 (5-kg) 3,600 (20-kg)

Local Paint Price in Pakistan June 2024

Local DistamperNot availableNot available500 RS (12kg)
Local DistamperNot availableNot available650 RS (18kg)
Local DistamperNot availableNot available1250 RS (24kg)
Local WeathersheetNot available1800 RS (4-liter)7000 RS (16-liter)
Local Enamel Paint600 RS (0.91-liter)2200 RS (3.64-liter)Not available
Local Wall PuttyNot availableNot available1500 to 2000 Rs (20kg)

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Types of Paints

  1.  Oil paint
  2.  Enamel Paint
  3.  Emulsion Paint
  4.  Cement Paint
  5.  Bituminous Paint
  6.  Aluminum Paint
  7.  Cellulose paint
  8.  Plastic paint
  9.  Silicate Paint
  10. Anticorrosive Paint

Top paint brands in Pakistan

  1. Master Paints
  2. Berger Paints
  3. Brighto Paints
  4. Diamond Paints
  5. Sparco Paints
  6. Nippon Paints
  7. Alwan Paints
  8. Jotun Paints
  9. Gobis Paints
  10. Honey Gold Paint

Advantages of Paint

  • It gives a smooth texture to the wall.
  • It protects the material from sunlight, dampness, and weather effects.
  • Paints are available in various colors.
  • Paint is readily available in bulk or small quantities.
  • Paints are also available at a decent price.
  • Wall paints enhance the beauty of the building.
  • Favorite colors give refreshing effects.

The Dark side of Paints

  • Low-quality paints faded with environmental variations.
  • Peeling and blistering occur due to high humidity and the extra use of paint.

Preventive Measures

  • Wear gloves and a full sleeve shirt while working with the paint.
  • Avoid physical contact with the paint.
  • Always choose high-quality paint.
  • Use a dust mask.
  • Save leftover paint properly.
  • Mop the floor as soon as possible before getting any permanent stains.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Give it at least 24 hours or a maximum of 3 days to dry.
  • In case of any irritation with the paint, move quickly to your doctor.


If you have skimmed through the article you know about the paint pricing and its types. There will be some variation in the rates; as mentioned earlier, be aware of scammers. Visit the market by yourself and check the rate. Always prefer high-quality paint. It will be costly, but it will go on for a long duration.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. It should be resistant to atmospheric effects.
2. It should have a screening effect on the material surface.
3. It must be budget-friendly.
4. Its color must stay for a long time.
5. It should be painted readily.

Repair cracks in the wall. Before applying paint, confirm there is no more moisture in the wall. Always prefer to choose high-quality weather sheets or waterproof paints.

All emulsion paints are generally known as plastic paint. Washable or water resistance quality makes plastic emulsion differ from other emulsion paints.

1. Matte finishes
2. Gloss
3. Semi-gloss
4. stain finishes
5. Eggshell finishes

Wall emulsion is a better option. It doesn’t have cracks, and its color is permanent. On the other hand, the distemper is cracked easily and fades over time.

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