5 Marla House Construction Cost in Pakistan 2024

5 Marla House Construction Cost

In Pakistan, people cannot afford big houses which is why people choose small houses like a 5 marla house. It requires a minimum cost and proper planning. 5 Marla plots or houses are in high demand in Pakistan because all the investors afford them. By planning and budgeting properly, you can save a significant amount and build a home of your choice.

Construction costs for a 5-marla (approximately 1250 square feet) house vary depending on many factors, including location, materials, and labor.

5 Marla Covered Areas

There is a unit of a land area called 5 marlas that is commonly used by countries in South Asia such as Pakistan and India. Approximately 1361 square feet or 125.42 square meters are covered by it.

A covered area refers to the built-up area of a structure or building, i.e. the area enclosed by walls and covered by a roof. In other words, 5 marlas covered area” means the total built-up area of a building built on a 5 marla plot of land. The exact covered area would depend on the design of the building, the number of floors, and other factors.

Plot Demarcation

Plot Demarcation refers to the area covered by a total plot which refers to the four corners of the plot that are fixed by the engineer before building it. Team members mark the point according to their criteria from a certain distance from the road. Following the marking of the first point, the corners of the other four points are marked accordingly.

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Base Filling Cost

In base filling, sand is very important. It plays a vital and basic role in filling your base. For filling the base suitable and high-quality sand is required that is usually found in rivers. In Pakistan, Ravi river sand is best for the basement while Chenab river sand is good due to its mixture of ghassu 70 % and 30 % clay it is called Ghassu.  The soil cannot be used for filling that can damage the foundation or walls of the house in the future. For 5 Marla house filling, you require almost 3300 cubic feet of Kassu.

Grey Structure Construction Cost

A Grey structure is important and constructed with basic elements like sand, cement, bajri, safety grills, ghassu, and many other materials. It involves all the sanitary, and electricity, and ends with the main gate. It depends on the budget and planning. In Pakistan, the Grey structure saves money for an investor for 5 marla houses. 

Gray structures are typically composed of foundations, columns, beams, roofs, and external walls. It is important to remember that the price of the gray structure can vary depending on the quality of the materials used and the design of the structure.

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The following steps included in the gray structure:

  • Construction of brick walls, as mentioned previously 
  • Roofing systems that cover all aspects
  • Wall plaster made from concrete or cement
  • Shades for windows
  • The entire water tank system
  • Walls at the border
  • Underground electrification (except for lights and switches)
  • Installation of an entire sewerage system
  • Grills for safety
  • The main gate

Grey Structure 5 Marla House Construction Cost in Pakistan 2024

ItemsQuantityRate per unit (PKR)Cost (PKR)
Sand Ravi3150 cft351,10,250
Sand Chenab800 cft4536,000
Crush Margla9001381,24,200
Crush Sargodha65012581,250
Rebar (Sarya)3 Ton298888000
Electrical 3,00,000
Main Gate1,20,000
Costs of Miscellaneous Items1,55,000
Water Tank30,000
Termite Control50,000
WaterProofing Roofs1,00,000
Total cost of Grey Structure4,767,700

Wiring, Gas Piping & Plumbing Work Cost

The plumbing and gas piping is very important for the construction of 5 marla house. Every house needs electricity and plumbing work which involves Gas, Water electricity, sewerage, drainage, etc. Also, Wiring is significant for people, But during this phase, you need to be careful in all the work done underground. About 150,000 are required in plumbing for the house, and 75,000 are necessary for wiring. Also, you need 152 GI welded pipelines and 2 Gas cockies for 5 marla gas house’s piping, and the total cost will be around 56,000.

Kitchen and Bathroom Cost,

Kitchens and bathrooms are essential parts of finishing a house. In a double-story 5-marla house, the kitchen, including the kitchen hood and sink, is required. PKR 51,000 is the cost of each of the two kitchen hoods. Approximately 16,500 will be spent on each kitchen sink.

A washroom will include bath hangings, a porta commode, and a bath set. Therefore, in double-story 5 marla houses, there will be three bath hangings required. Around PKR 20,000 will be spent on each one, making up to PKR 5,500. And total cost of the commode are PKR 49,500, and the total cost of 3 vanity sets is 30,000. You also will be required three complete bath sets that will cost 21,000.The total cost of both the bath and kitchen are up to 314,000.

Woodwork Cost

The cost of the woodwork in 5-marla house construction in Pakistan in 2023 may vary depending on several factors such as the quality of wood used, the complexity of the design, and the location of the house. Generally, woodwork such as doors, windows, and cabinets may cost around PKR 300,000 to 500,000 for a 5-marla house construction. However, this cost may increase if the best quality woods are used in house construction.

Windows Cost 

In 5 marla houses, windows make the house most beautiful, in which you require 6 rooms windows and 4 bathroom windows. The window is available in two materials: aluminum and mirrors. The aluminum per window rate is around 19,000, while for the bathroom, the per window rate is 16,000. However, the mirror window is also required, costing approximately 30,000. The estimate of aluminum windows is 180,000.   

Paint and Ceiling Cost

A 5-marla house’s paint and ceiling costs can vary depending on various factors, such as the color’s quality and the design’s complexity. Additionally, the cost can vary based on the location and availability of materials. The cost of painting and ceiling work for a 5-marla house ranges from 300K to 600K.

Overall Cost

Several factors can impact the cost of building a five-marla house, including location, design, materials, labor, and other costs. You can expect to spend between 50 LAC and 1 CRORE constructing a 5-marla house.

Based on standard fabrics and fittings, this estimate is for basic construction. Adding luxurious features or using high-quality materials will increase the price. You may also save money by choosing simpler designs and standard materials


1. What is the covered area of 5 Marla houses?

The typical area of a 5-Marla house is 1125 square feet or 105 square meters. The exact covered area will vary depending on the design, layout, and construction of the home.

2. Which steel is used in the 5 Marla house?

Steel is usually used in the construction of 5 Marla houses in Pakistan, depending on the design and specifications. Residential construction typically uses mild steel or deformed steel bars. 

3. What is the construction cost of 5 Marla houses in Pakistan in 2023?

The cost of building a 5-Marla house in Pakistan varies greatly depending on factors such as location, design, quality of materials, and labor. PKR 4,000,000 to PKR 8,000,000 is the estimated average cost of a 5-Marla house in Pakistan in 2023. It’s always advisable to consult a professional architect or contractor who can estimate the construction costs for a specific project accurately.

4. Is 5 marla enough?

The single-story 5-marla house plan has 125 square yards of usable space, so no space can be wasted. The apartment has plenty of storage space as well as an extra room you can use as an office or study. 5 marla house designs with two stories are also a great option for those looking for more space

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