Battery Price in Pakistan 12 June 2024

Battery Prices in Pakistan

Osaka Battery Price in Pakistan

ModelNumber of PlatesCapacityPrice/PKR
Osaka 12GEN-MR45 Generator 0725 Ah9000
Osaka 12GEN-MR35 Generator 0520 Ah7200
Osaka CR65L+ 1140 Ah12100
Osaka MF-100L 1380 Ah19000
Osaka MF110R 1590 Ah22000
Osaka T125-S Platinum Plus 15100 Ah23000
Osaka P175-S Platinum Plus 19120 Ah30000
Osaka P210-S Platinum Plus 23155 Ah37000
Osaka P260-S Platinum Plus 27180 Ah43000
Osaka P290-Z Platinum Plus 33215 Ah52000

AGS Battery Price in Pakistan

ModelNumber of PlatesCapacityPrice/PKR
AGS GR-46 0930 Ah9600
AGS GR-65 1345 Ah13400
AGS GR-871160 Ah15600
AGS MF-65L Maintenance Free 1345 Ah15000
AGS HB-100R Atlas Hybrid Low Maintenance 1580 Ah20500
AGS HB-65 T1 Thin Atlas Hybrid Low Maintenance 1345 Ah14000
AGS SP-145 17100 Ah26500
AGS SP-180 21120 Ah31000
AGS SP-210 23150 Ah38000
AGS SP-250 27175 Ah43500

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Exide Battery Price in Pakistan

ModelNumber of PlatesCapacityPrice/PKR
EXIDE GL50-Plus 0937 Ah11000
EXIDE N65L 1145 Ah13100
EXIDE SOLAR-50 0520 Ah7000
EXIDE SOLAR-100 0960 Ah15600
EXIDE EX110R 1585 Ah21500
EXIDE HP150 1395 Ah26250
EXIDE N135 17100 Ah26500
EXIDE NS200 27150 Ah39750
EXIDE N220 25170 Ah43750
EXIDE NS250-Plus 31200 Ah53500

Phoenix Battery Price in Pakistan

ModelNumber of PlatesCapacityPrice/PKR
Phoenix XP50+L 0932 Ah11300
Phoenix XP-60L 1140 Ah12000
Phoenix XP-75R 0950 Ah15200
Phoenix XP-95L 1375 Ah19700
Phoenix EXT-130 15100 Ah26000
Phoenix TX-1100 07125 Ah33000
Phoenix UGLT-200-SE 23150 Ah39000
Phoenix UGLT-255 27200 Ah52250
Phoenix UGLT-275 29225 Ah55000

Volta Battery Price in Pakistan

ModelNumber of PlatesCapacityPrice/PKR
Volta 12GEN-MR35 0520 Ah7500
Volta CR65L+ 1140 Ah13100
Volta MF75L 1350 Ah14800
Volta MF80L 1175 Ah17500
Volta P-135 S PLATINUM PLUS 17105 Ah28500
Volta P-180 S PLATINUM PLUS 21130 Ah38000
Volta T-125 S PLATINUM PLUS15100 Ah22000
Volta P-270 S PLATINUM PLUS 31200 Ah57500
Volta P-225 S PLATINUM PLUS 27175 Ah47500
Volta P-250 S PLATINUM PLUS 29180 Ah50000

Tubular Battery Price in Pakistan

Volta TA-1200 125 Ah50500
Volta TA-1600 150 Ah53000
Volta TA-1800 Supreme185 Ah56500
Volta TA-2000 200 Ah72500
Phoenix TX-1000 110 Ah26000
Phoenix TX-1200 160 Ah50250
Phoenix TX-1400 175 Ah56250
Osaka TA-1200 125 Ah43000
Osaka TA-1600 Supreme150 Ah46000
Osaka TA-2000 Supreme 200 Ah62100

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Approximately 56,500 rupees. The EXIDE TR-2000 Battery is an Unsealed Deep Cycle Tubular Lead Acid Battery. It is suitable for all UPSs & Solar Systems with a connector for this battery type. EXIDE is Pakistan’s leading manufacturer of batteries.

According to many people in the country, OSAKA batteries are the best batteries in Pakistan. This is because of their durability, their availability of a wide range of battery types, and the fact that they have an impressive backup service. It is a brand of Atlas (also called Honda Atlas).

Currently, thin-electrode Li-ion batteries can be charged in less than 15 minutes; however, these cells are 20% less energy-dense than thick-electrode Li-ion batteries, costing twice as much as thick-electrode Li-ion batteries.

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