Gold Rate Today in Pakistan 12 June 2024

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Gold Rate in Pakistan

Gold Quantity and PurityPrice (Rs)
1 Tola (24 Karat)239500
1 Tola (22 Karat)222519
10 Grams (24 Karat) 205340
10 Grams (22 Karat)189215
per Gram Gold (24 Karat)20534
per Gram Gold (22 Karat)18921
gold price in pakistan

Which Factors Fluctuate Gold Rate in Pakistan?

Gold is famous worldwide for financing, and some factors affect the gold rate all over the world.

  • Jewelry Supply and Demand
  • Interest Rate
  • Geopolitics
  • Inflation
  • Monetary Policy
  • Deflation
  • Risk Appetite
  • Dollar Prizes
  • Investment Demand and Others

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Frequently Asked Questions 

The international market poses impacts on the Gold Rate in Pakistan. In addition, the change in the supply and demand of Gold changes the gold rates. 

You have to follow a formula to determine the purity levels: Karat Gold divided by the number 24 and multiplied by 100.

The gold purity level helps you to assess the quality of Gold.

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