Solar Panel Price in Pakistan 12 June 2024 | Solar Panel Rates in Pakistan

solar panels price in pakistan

Branded A Grade Solar Panel Price List

Brand NamePrice/PKR
Longi single Glass solar panel priceRS. 42/watt
Longi bificial double glass solar panel priceRS. 44/watt
Longi bificial double glass Hi-Mo 7 solar panel priceRS. 45/watt
JA single Glass solar panel priceRS. 40/watt
JA bificial double glass solar panel priceRS. 42/watt
JA N type solar panel priceRS. 43/watt
Jinko single Glass solar panel priceRS. 42/watt
Jinko bificial double glass solar panel priceRS. 44/watt
Jinko N type solar panel priceRS. 46/watt
Trina single Glass solar panel priceRS. 42/watt
Trina N Type solar panel priceRS. 47/watt
Candian TopCon solar panel priceRS. 46/watt
JM Solar Panel DocumentedRS. 39/watt
ASTRO Energy Solar Panel DocumentedRS. 39/watt
RENA Solar Panel DocumentedRS. 38/watt
Phono Solar Panel DocumentedRS. 39/watt
Longi Hi-mo 6 BificialRS. 42/watt

Cell Germany Solar Panel Price

Capacity in WattPrice/PKR
Cell Germany 150 Watt10000
Cell Germany 180 Watt11000
Cell Germany 200 Watt11800
Cell Germany 230 Watt12800

A Grade Solar Panels Price in Pakistan Today

Brand & SpecificationsPrice Per Watt (RS)Panel Price (RS)
JA 540 watts single glass A grad documented4021600
JA 540 watts double glass or bifacial A grad 4222680
ZN Shine 545 watts single glass A grad 3820700
Maysun 540 watt a grade solar panel price3719980
Logni 555 watts single glass A grad documented4223310
Doart solar panel A grade 550 Watts panel 3720350
Jinko 555 watts single glass A grad documented4223310
Longi Hi-Mo 6 570 watt single glass4223940
Jinko N type 575 watt a grade documented4525870
Longi Hi-Mo 7 580 watt single glass  n type4526100

B Grade Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

SpecificationsPrice Per Watt (RS)Panel Price (RS)
Longi 550 watts B grade 3318050
Jinko 550 watt B grade 3318050
JA 550 Watts B grade3217500

Canadian Solar Panels Price

SpecificationsPrice Per Watt (RS)Panel Price (RS)
Canadian 575 watt Topcon solar panel price4626450
650 watt Canadian solar panel price4126550
Canadian 555 watts Tier 1 single glass a grade documented4122645

Solar Panel Manufacturers in Pakistan

  • Reon Energy Limited
  • Premier Energy (Pvt) Lmt.
  • Pantera Energy Limited
  • Pakistan Solar Services
  • ZI Solar
  • Alpha Solar
  • Shams Power


First, select an appropriate location for the solar panel. Then install a solar panel at that place, according to the type of solar panel you are using you may need brackets and other hardware. Connect the solar panel to the electric grid by a professional electrician who checks if the connections are safe or not. Once it starts working, take proper care of it.

Various factors have to be considered for the installation of solar panels such as
Cost, environmental effects, durability, weather dependence, space, and maintenance.

Yes, solar panels work in cloudy or rainy weather as long as there is little sunlight or energy is stored in the battery.

Your energy costs will be significantly decreased or eliminated once your solar panel system is installed because solar energy is completely free. You can save on electricity bills. They require minimum maintenance and can last up to 20 years with proper care and cleanliness.

With proper care and maintenance, a good quality solar panel can last up to 25 years.

If there is an electrical blackout, the solar panel won’t be able to generate electricity. The energy that is stored in the battery, however, can be used to generate electricity during a power outage if the solar panel is connected to a battery system.

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