TR Gardar Rate Today in Pakistan 12 June 2024

Do you want to get TR Gardar at a cheap price ?

TR (T Iron) and Gardar is one of the important elements for construction of buildings, houses and shops.Both provides help to design the structure of  different shelters, buildings, and shops.

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Therefore, both work as a backbone in construction of commercial and residential buildings. In old times, most of the people used wood Gardar, TR (T Iron) and iron Gardar in roof construction.

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TR and Gardar price changes day by day due to inflation in our country. Furthermore, it’s also available in different sizes, and grades.Mostly people buy it as per kg and per feet.

tr gardar rate today

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Prices of TR and Gardar are given below in the table:

Today Tr (T Iron ) and Gardar Price in Pakistan

SR.NOTypeRate Per Kg
1.TR ( T Iron)RS. 245-255
2.GardarRS. 255-265
1.TR (T Iron)RS. 230-240
2.GardarRS. 235-245

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Currently most of the people like to use RCC steel bars, TR and Gardar in construction of roofs.TR Iron is more stronger as compared to RCC because it has high strength and durable ability to bear much weight.

Prominent Note

Here we’re providing you information about TR and Gardar price in Pakistan, meanwhile we’re not selling it, just helping you by providing price details.These prices may change from your area because we’ve taken these prices from several markets.  

List Of Steel Manufacturing Plants In Pakistan

In Pakistan different steel manufacturing plants are currently working such as:

  1. Abbas Steel Group
  2. Amreli Steels
  3. International Steels Limited
  4. Ittefaq Group
  5. Tuwairqi Steel Mills
  6. Aisha Steel
  7. Ittefaq Iron Industries
  8. Mughal Steel
  9. Pakistan Steel Mills

Preventive Measures

  • While working with TR (T Iron), Gardar must wear a helmet on head.
  • During working it must use gloves and a protective face mask.
  • Safe TR and Gardars from water.
  • Use a belt when you are working at height.
  • Store it in a specific place.

Pros and Cons

Pros of TR and Gardar

  1. Using TR and Gardar on roofs makes the roofs cold in summer but hot in winter.
  2. TR and Gardar are strong, and bear heavy weight.
  3. Welding can be done easily on T iron and Gardars. 

Cons of TR and Gardar

  1. TR and Gardar get rusted easily.
  2. Using TR and Gardar for construction is more expensive than wood.

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The construction material prices in Pakistan increase on a daily basis due to a rise in the dollar price.

it’s easily available in the market.

It’s less expensive as compared to RCC.

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