Tiles Price in Pakistan Today 12 June 2024

Here are the latest tiles prices in Pakistan.

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Ceramic tile rate in paksitan

Tiles Rates in Pakistan

SR.NOSizePrice/SQ Meter
1.24*48RS. 2100-3000
2.24*24RS. 1600-2000
3.12*16RS. 1000-1300
4.Front ElevationRS. 1000-1400


1. Porcelain tiles
2. Ceramic tiles
3. Granite tiles
4. Travertine

For ceramic or porcelain tiles, the ideal size is 30cmx30cm, while for wooden floors, the ideal size is 45cmx45cm. It is crucial to consider factors such as the room area and the type of traffic it will receive when selecting the ideal flooring size.

You should know the following factors:
Target area

First, sweep them to remove dust. Then, mop the floor with warm water and any mild dish soap. For tough stains, use commercial tile cleaners.

Matte tiles are water-resistant tiles. Therefore, these tiles are used mainly in the bathroom and kitchen. In contrast, glossy tiles are used everywhere in homes. These tiles give a lavish and appealing look.

The readily available sizes in Pakistan are(in inches) 12×12, 16×16, 16×24, and 18×18.

First, remove the dust, and level the floor. Then spread the mixture of cement and other material on the floor, lay down the tiles there, grout the joints and seal them with sealer.

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