Aluminium Window Price in Pakistan 12 June 2024

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Aluminium is a light and durable metal, and due to this property, it’s widely used in homes, automobiles, trains, aeroplanes, mobile phones, computers, fridges, and in modern interior designs. It’s the third element by mass which occurs about 8% on Earth.

Aluminium windows provide us with lots of facilities which help the user to use it in the construction of houses and buildings. Aluminium windows also help to increase the beauty of houses. In olden times, people around the world used wood and iron windows in their houses.

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Here we are providing you with information about Aluminium window prices in Pakistan that can be calculated in square feet.Aluminium rates per square foot in Pakistan are given below.

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aluminium window price in pakistan
aluminium window price in pakistan

Aluminium Window Price | Aluminium Window Rates

CompaniesPrice Per Square Feet
Chawla AluminiumRS. 1450-1650
Standard AluminiumRS. 1300-1600
GR AluminiumRS. 1200-1450
Prime AluminiumRS. 1450-1700
Master AluminumRS. 1350-1600

Now a days people of Pakistan and all over the world mostly use Aluminium windows, and their prices change day by day. Its cost in Pakistan may be different due to some reasons like window style, size, diameter, manufacturer, and suppliers.

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Today’s Aluminium price in Pakistan may be different from your region because these prices ‘ve been taken from different market prices. We’re not trading Aluminium but, we’re just here to Provide you information about Aluminium rates in Pakistan. If you receive any notification of Aluminium price changes in the market, please contact us on our page and advise us.

Aluminium Companies In Pakistan

Various Aluminium brands are working in different cities of Pakistan.

  • Chawla Aluminium
  • Standard Aluminium
  • GR Aluminium
  • Prime Aluminium
  • JeewaJee Aluminium
  • Trade Matrix Aluminium
  • Lucky Aluminium
  • Falcon Aluminium
  • Japan  Aluminium
  • Ittehad Aluminium
  • Pak Altech Aluminium

Preventive Measures

  1. While working with an Aluminium window avoid pulling and dropping it on the floor to avoid any damage.
  2. Need to wear eyeglasses while working with an Aluminium window.
  3. Before starting cutting and drilling you need to check if all the tools are in good condition or not.
  4. During the cutting and drilling process, you are required to follow the proper cutting procedure.
  5. Store Aluminium away from rust, dust, and extra deleterious substances.

Pros and Cons

Pros (Advantages)

  • Aluminium windows are not too expensive so everyone can easily buy them. Aluminium windows are affordable as compared to fiberglass and vinyl windows. 
  • Aluminium windows are more durable so we can use them on the external side of the house. It can bear the effects of rain, sunlight, and storm. 
  • Aluminium windows are very lightweight compared to iron and wood.
  • Aluminium can protect from any kind of rust or corrosion.

Cons (Disadvantages)

  • Aluminium windows are a good conductor of electricity.
  • The Aluminium surface is strong, so it can not bend under any weight and force.


The cost of an Aluminium window depends upon the diameter of Aluminium. Thicker Aluminium windows are more expensive than thinner windows. 

There’re a lot of brands working in Pakistan some of them are given below:

  • Chawla Aluminium
  • Prime Aluminium
  • Ittehad Aluminium   
  • Falcon Aluminium

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