Wash Basin and Indian Toilet Prices in June 2024

Are you looking for wash basin and indian toilet prices ?

Wash basins and Indian toilets are essential products of sanitary material. They are a necessity in every bathroom. Let’s discuss both products individually to make it easier for you to find information regarding them.

A wash basin is usually known as a sink and hand basin.

It appears as a large bowl attached to the wall having two or single tabs for water supply. It is also used to wash hands, face, and other grooming procedures. It also comes in a huge variety of hues, dimensions, and forms. There is a decision making-option available to you.

Most commonly used wash basins are made of ceramic, which is a durable and attractive material. They are also made up of glass, steel, and natural stone. They are available in square, rectangle, oval, and round shapes as well.

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Wash Basin Price in Pakistan December 2023

Sr No.Brand NamePrice/PKR
2.Total sanitary ware3200-6000
3.Local Simple2600-3200
4.Local with Design2900-3500

Indian Toilet Seat Price in Pakistan August 2023

The toilet is a basic need for every human being. In the modern era, toilets are available in many shapes and designs but Indian or Asian toilets are the most commonly used toilets in Pakistan.

Desi toilets are available at more reasonable prices. On the other hand, they have many medical benefits but are not convenient for disabled persons. For your convenience, we are providing their most recent rates.

Sr No.Brand NamePrice/PKR
1.Master sanitary4000-4500
2.Brite Sanitary3500-4000
3.Local Simple1500-2000
4.Local with design1800-2200

Types of Wash Basin used in Pakistan

Wash basins are classified into many categories due to their designs. There are many types of wash basins used, some of them are listed below.

wash basin and india toilet price
  1. Top Mount

Top-mounted wash basins are mounted on countertop or vanity. They are not installed on the countertop. They are typically made of ceramics and getable in a variety of designs. 

  1. Under-Mount

Under-mounted basins are placed underneath the counterparts. They are conventionally  used in the bathrooms and as well as in the kitchens. These kinds of basins are not visible from the front.

  1. Vessel

The vessel basin is typically used in bathrooms. Instead of being recessed into the countertop, vessel basins are set on the top of it.

  1. Pedestal sink

Pedestal sinks are attached to a stand or base. They are accessible in different styles and are commonly  used inside or outside the bathrooms. They don’t need any countertops or cabinets. So they occupy less space.

  1. Wall Mount

A wall-mounted basin is a type of sink that is directly attached to a wall as opposed to being set on the top of the counter. These basins are usually used for small bathrooms because they are easy to clean and take up less space than traditional sinks.

  1. Fully Recessed Basin

This kind of basin is completely set into the wall. Fully recessed basins are available in both modern and traditional designs.

Top Sanitary Brands in Pakistan

  • Faisal Sanitary
  • Master Sanitary
  • Super Asia Sanitary
  • Porta Sanitary
  • Atlas Sanitary
  • Idress Sanitary 
  • 3-Star Sanitary
  • Sonex Sanitary
  • Porta Sanitary

The Most Commonly used Toilets  in Pakistan

  1. Asian toilet seat

 Asian toilet seats are also known as Indian toilets and       squat toilets. Asian and as well as other countries make extensive use of these toilets.

  1. Wall hung toilet

Wall-hung toilets are designed to be mounted directly to the wall, which helps to save space and create a modern look. They come with concealed cistern and frame that install behind the wall. 

  1. One-piece toilet

A single-piece toilet is formed of one piece solid material. It has a bowl and tank that are connected, making it easier to clean and install.

  1. Two-piece toilet

Two-piece toilets consist of a water tank and a bowl that are separate components. In contrast to the bowl, which is fixed to bowl, the tank is fastened to the wall. They are easy to maintain and more affordable than other toilet types.

  1. Urinal 

Urinal toilets are typically designed to be used by men for urination. They are typically wall mounted and don’t require the user to sit down. They are most commonly used in public restrooms and many other places.

Dark and Bright sides of Indian Toilets

Advantages of Indian Seat and Wash Basin

  • Compared to western toilets, Indian toilets are more hygienic and cleaner. There is no direct skin contact with the toilet bowl.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Squatting position is more natural, it makes elimination faster.
  • Squat toilets are more compact and can fit in less space.
  • They are less costly than other types of toilets.

Disadvantage of Indian Seat and Wash Basin

  • Squat toilets can be challenging for elderly people, people with disabilities, and people who have less mobility.
  • Compared to western toilets, Indian toilets demand more effort and coordination. Particularly, for those who aren’t used to them.
  • The user can face odor and a poor sanitary situation if not properly cleaned.


Hopefully, you have received beneficial information regarding toilet seats and wash basin prices. This article discusses the prices of wash basins and Asian toilets in Pakistan.

It explains that due to the inflation situation in Pakistan, modern toilet and wash basin prices have increased a lot, and many people are turning to Indian toilets and pedestal wash basins as affordable options.

Before buying any product, please check its prices from multiple sources.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Regularly clean your wash basin and avoid using products that contain harsh chemicals because they can damage the surface of the wash basin.

The ideal size for a wash basin is around 600mmx450mm.

First, fill it with warm water then add a few drops of dishwasher liquid and rest it for half an hour. Now remove  the water and clean the basin with a sponge and soft cloth. Rinse the basin with clean water and it with a soft cotton cloth.

Yes! Squatting in Indian toilets can help improve digestion and reduce constipation due to its natural sitting position.

Asian toilets are commonly found in East and Southeast Asia. These toilets are also used in nations like Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Iran, and Iraq.

Indian toilets are also known as squat toilets which means that instead of sitting on the toilet, users have to squat over it.

First, wear protective gloves then use disinfectant cleaner to wipe down the toilet. Then rinse it with clean water. Additionally, use a toilet brush or scrub inside the bowl and flush the toilet.

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