Geyser Prices in Pakistan June 2024

Are you going to buy a perfect geyser for your homes & offices in Pakistan? If yes! Then before buying geysers, read the article attentively. In this article, we will discuss the types of geysers and factors which affect the price of geysers in Pakistan. This article will definitely be worth reading, and you’ll get to know the price range of geysers in your budget.

What is a Geyser?

Geyser is a home appliance that provides hot water for bathing and other purposes. This functions as a device, and a wide range of geysers is available in the market. The price of a geyser varies with its type and quality.

Latest Geyser Prices in Pakistan

Geysers NameGeysers Price
Super Asia 10 Liter Instant Gas Geyser GH-110 DI NGRs 32000
Super Asia 6 Liter Instant Gas Geyser GH-106 DI LPGRs 20000
Super Asia 8 Liter Instant Gas Geyser GH-108 DIRs 28000
Ocean 55 Gallons Gas Geyser Auto Supreme 55GRs 48000
Ocean 15 Gallons Gas Geyser Auto Supreme 15GRs 31000
Care Instant Gas Geyser BB 20 Plus Dual (6 litre)RS 16000
NasGas 12 Gallons Electric Water Heater DE-12RS 27000
NasGas Instant Geyser DG-08L CrystalRS 11000

Types of Geysers

Electric Geysers

Electric geysers are the most commonly used type in Pakistan. These geysers use electricity and, in return, provide warm water. They are available in the market with various capacities, designs, and price ranges, making them suitable for budget constraints.

 Geyser Prices in Pakistan

Solar Geysers

These geysers are the most cost-saving & are gaining popularity in Pakistan as an eco-friendly option. They utilize solar energy to heat water, effectively reducing the dependence on electricity or gas as a power source. Despite the higher initial installation cost, solar geysers provide considerable long-term savings.

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Storage Geysers

Storage geysers have a tank that stores hot water for later use. They come in different capacities and are best for larger households or locations with increased hot water demand.

Instant Geysers

Instant geysers, also known as tankless geysers, heat water on demand and provide hot water instantly. They have small and compact size, making them suitable for small households or spaces with limited room.

Factors Affecting Geyser Price 

Several factors influence the pricing of geysers in Pakistan. Some of them are:

Brand & Reputation

Some reputed brands are also considered a big source of the increase in geyser prices. These brands usually charge higher prices because they use high-quality materials to manufacture geysers.


Gyser capacity indicates how much water it can save and heat at a single time. Those geysers that offer high capacity usually charge high prices than those geysers with minimal space. Therefore, it is your decision to select the most suitable geyser size, taking into consideration your specific requirements.

Energy Efficiency

It’s important to save energy to reduce your long-term energy expenses. Although these energy-efficient water heaters come at a higher price, they can save you money in the long run as it consumes less electricity or gas.

Additional Features

Some geysers come with additional features such as temperature control, timers, digital displays, and safety mechanisms. These additional features can enhance convenience and safety, but they may also raise the price of the geyser.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Geyser

Water Heating Needs

Evaluate your household’s water heating needs based on the number of family members and daily hot water usage. This will assist in determining the suitable geyser capacity according to your specific requirements.

Energy Efficiency and Cost

Take into consideration the energy efficiency rating and operational costs of various geysers. It means having a higher energy efficiency rating can result in significant long-term savings on electricity or gas bills.

Installation and Maintenance

Factor in the installation requirements and costs associated with the geyser. Furthermore, consider the maintenance needs and the availability of spare parts for the selected geyser brand.

Safety Features

If you’ve planned to buy any geyser, check to see if it has the appropriate safety features, such as temperature control, pressure relief valve, and overheating protection. These features ensure the safe functioning of the geyser.

Installation and Maintenance Tips

Ensuring your geyser’s proper installation and regular maintenance is crucial for its efficient and safe operation. Consider the following tips:

  • Hire a professional for geyser installation to ensure proper electrical or gas connections.
  • Do regularly Clean the geyser to remove sediment and mineral buildup.
  • Inspect the pressure relief valve and ensure its proper functionality.


When considering the right geyser at a reasonable price, it’s necessary to consider the following factors: brand reputation, capacity, energy efficiency, heating technology, and additional features. To make a good decision about your water heater, think about how much hot water you need, check prices and features from different brands, and remember to consider the costs of energy and maintenance over a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar geysers are designed to harness sunlight but may have reduced efficiency during cloudy days. However, most solar geysers come with backup systems or electric heating elements to ensure a continuous hot water supply.

The installation of geysers should be handled by a professional to ensure safety and proper connections.

It all depends on the brand and model, but it usually lasts from 1 year to 5 years.

Both geysers have different price ranges. However, electric geysers generally have a wider price range due to their availability in various sizes and designs.

Using a geyser with hard water can lead to mineral buildup and reduce efficiency. Consider using water softeners or regularly descaling the geyser to maintain its performance.

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